Reminder for entrants for CROWN TOURNAMENT

Good morning Artemisia!

Crown Tournament approaches! It will be held in the Shire of Bronzhelm on October 6th. Event information can be found in the Sage Advice and our Kingdom Webpage. This is a reminder that ALL entrants for Crown Tournament must have their paperwork (that’s the entrant form, proof of membership, and combat authorization) submitted to the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom List officer. That is for both the combatant and the consort.

They must be RECEIVED BY SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2012. That is a mere 9 days away. Email is sufficient for the List Officer and myself as Kingdom Seneschal, but please check with TRM Timmur and Saige as to whether they require an additional hardcopy version.

Important email addresses:

TRM Timmur and Saige:

Kingdom Seneschal:

Kingdom List:

Please note, while my office will be turning over in October to the wonderful Baroness Katya, entrants that are choosing to send hardcopy entrant forms should be sent to me. My address is in the Sage Advice. I am still in office until Crown Tournament.

Thank you and Good Luck! September 22…Don’t be late!

Outgoing Kingdom Seneschal

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