Ideas for A&S Competitions

This page is devoted to possible entries in the Kingdom A&S categories where equestrians and houndsmen can enter for
competition. This list is by no means complete and is intended only as a starting point for ideas. [If anyone would like to add ideas to this list, please contact the Kingdom Web Minister.]

The Grand Categories of Artemisia are bolded (subcategories are bolded with italics) with possible entries following.

  • Alchemy: horse ointments and liniments.
  • Animalia: General: breeds, training, coursing.Accessories-Equestrian: saddles, bridles, bits, trappings, bardings. Accessories-Hounds: collars, trappings. Accessories-Falconry: jesses, hoods.
  • Armor: equestrian armor such as the crinet, chamfron, peytral and crupper.
  • Costuming: Tourney: Equestrian style.
  • Demonstration Projects: 10-minute limit of training exercises. [Equestrian Performance – Demonstration (video) of technique, i.e., period styles of riding (Norman, Persian and Dressage) a solo or group Kur (musical ride)].
  • Fief Holding: Animal husbandry and housing.
  • Heraldic Display: Heraldic displays in any media. This includes parades – 10-minute limit.
  • Leatherwork: Non-Armor – Shaped, tooled, etc.
  • Metalwork: Functional Non-Jewelry: Stirrups, bits, horseshoes, tools – Horse picks, pitchforks.
  • Toys & Games: Quintain, and other equestrian games used to sharpen skill at arms???
  • Weapons: Equestrian: lances for the quintain and ringtilt, javelins, horse maces.
  • Woodworking: Functional: Saddle trees.
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