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Insurance for Practices and Events

Unto the members of the Society, greetings:

There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding Equestrian insurance certificates. Let me try to clear some of that confusion up, if possible…

As everyone More

Reproduction of the Early Medieval Knight’s Saddle

by Sir Armand de Sevigny

[The following is a re-writing of an article done some ten years ago by Sir Armand for the Caid Leathercrafters Guild’s newsletter Tanned Hydes. Although the errors in the printed More

Artemisian Stables Event Steward Report Form

Equestrian Event Steward Report

Due within 10 days after the event. On a separate page fill in the data asked for per paragraph. Email reporting is acceptable.

Name of event:
Name of Group, Kingdom More

Easy Equestrian Equipment

Ideas and Examples for SCA Equestrian Games Equipment

by Uilleam mac Lenna’n (mka Bill Schongar)

This guide is intended to help folks get up and playing with equestrian equipment and cheaply and easily More

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