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Sable Plume Puirsuivant Office

I have greatly enjoyed my time as Sable Plume Pursuivant (Kingdom Scribe) for Artemisia, but it is now time to allow someone else to serve in this
office. I have met many talented and generous people More

Regarding Scrolls

Missive from the Kingdom Sable Plume Pursuivant

Greetings, Artemisians!

I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of being chosen to serve all of you as the Sable Plume Pursuivant. For those who do More

The Arte of Writing Letters of Recommendation

By Lady KyneWynn the Kind

It is one of those magical moments that happen at an SCA event. Suddenly, you find yourself kneeling in front of Their Royal Majesties (TRM). Your trip to the front of the hall More

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