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Crown Tournament Entrant Information

In accordance with Kingdom Law, Letters of  Intent for Crown  Tournament will be accepted until 14 days before Crown Tournament, which is Saturday, September 21st.  All letters must be physically received by that  date –  it  is not  the  postmark  date. Copies  must  be sent  to Their Royal Majesties Raven and SajahHE Katya (Kingdom Seneschal) and Dame Meraud (Kingdom List Minister) . For it to be considered a complete set of paperwork,  letters of intent, entrant  information  forms for both fighter and consort , a copy of the fighter’s authorization card and proof of membership for both fighter and consort MUST be included.  Their Royal Majeseties, HE Katya and Dame Meraud have all indicated that they will accept either postal or electronic copies. If you send them electronically and do not receive a reply  stating they have been received,  please contact them to make sure they have  been received. All addresses are in the officer listings in the Kingdom Regnum.

Entrant Information Form for Crown Lists

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New Thrown Weapons Report

A report, THROWN WEAPONS TYPES AND THROWN WEAPON USES, 500BCE TO 1600 CE, has been added to the Thrown Weapons section of the kingdom library. The report, by L. John Robert of York, the Deputy Marshal


Thrown Weapons Top Ten Now On-Line

Greetings Throwers,

As of today the Top Ten listing for the Kingdom Thrown Weapons program is available on-line at

All of the information will More

3rd Quarter Society Seasonal Archery Challenge

The 3rd Quarter Society Seasonal Archery Challenge as been announced. The purpose of these challenges is to provide an opportunity to practice different types of shoots and
compare your results with others More

Thrown Weapons Standings thru 6/22/12

Top Axe

Name Date Score

Azir de Lucera BGL 05/08/12 60
Bjorn Hrafnsson BLS 06/07/12 58
Kaspar BAH 06/14/12 50
Rashid al Wahid BLS 06/07/12 48
Andrew of Harris upon York BGL 05/08/12 47
Tiernbard More

Thrown Weapon Standings – June 7 2012

Top Axe
Name Date Score
Azir de Lucera BGL 05/08/12 60
Bjorn Hrafnsson BLS 06/07/12 58
Rashid al Wahid BLS 06/07/12 48
Andrew of More

Why Don’t I Read Much About Thrown Weapon Use in the Middle Ages?


Lord John Robert of York

Historical information on the actual use of thrown weapons up to about 1600 CE is very limited. Museums and collectors may have the weapons, but they usually have little or More

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