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The following files have been updated in the Library under the Marshallate Handbooks section.

Missile Weapons Handbook – Combat Archery

Missile Weapons Handbook – Target Archery

Missile Weapons Handbook – Thrown Weapons

Welcome to the New Kingdom of Artemisia Website!

Change in the Middle Ages was a very slow process. Just look at how long some of the wars took. Luckily some things have become faster and one of those is updating our Kingdom Website. And though change More

New Kingdom Email Accounts Coming!!


In order to comply with Society rules concerning Kingdom Officer Emails and to present a more professional face to the public we have made a
change that will provide email boxes on the More

How do I get Help for a Kingdom Office or Event?

Have an opening you need filled? Need some help in some other aspect? Post a job opening under our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Send an email to the current Web Minister and please include the following:

Can I have {spectacular idea} on the Kingdom Website?

Have a great idea for something new to include on the Kingdom of Artemisia Web Site? We want to hear about it!

Please email them to the current Web Minister. Click the link below to get started.

Email More

A Person or Group’s Information is Out of Date. What do I do?

You have been looking through the web site and noticed that an officer for either the Kingdom or a Local Branch is out of date and now want to know how to get the latest information? We try to keep everything More

How Do I Post an Article on the Kingdom Site?

Posted news articles will be moderated before they show up on the site.Anyone is welcome to submit an article to be posted on the Kingdom of Artemisia Web Site.

You can submit a post by going to the More

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Please feel free to submit a news article to be posted on the Kingdom of Artemisia Web Site by emailing to the Webminister ( Articles will be reviewed for relevancy to the Kingdom before they will appear on the site.