What is the SCA?

(Either new to the SCA or the Kingdom of Artemisia)

The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism)  is a non-profit organization dedicated to re-creating the Middle Ages, concentrating on Western European civilization before 1600 A.D. We research and then try to re-create the better aspects of the lives of people from that period. Among our many fun and colorful activities are feasts, dance, music, armored combat, sewing (clothing and accessories), arts and crafts, games, rapier duels, heraldic display, cooking, thrown weapons, archery, and more. Pretty much anything done in medieval Europe and beyond can be and is researched, created and/or played with at SCA events. These activities take place at a variety of times and places, from short weekly or monthly group activities, practices and meetings to large full-fledged events, usually on weekends. Regular meetings and activities usually are held at local public meeting rooms, while “events” are held at area campgrounds, meeting halls or other large gathering places. (“Events” are where we attempt the most complete re-creation we can manage: we dress the part, put up period-looking pavilions and tents, hold contests in period arts and sciences, hold full-scale armored tournaments and, then, in keeping with medieval practices, we feast and make merry!)

The restrictions on who can play and how are very loose. You must only make an attempt at pre-1600 costume and pay an entrance fee at the gate of an event. Many groups have discounts or free passes for newcomers attending their first event, as well as “loaner” costumes to help you fit in! Weekly meetings, practices and classes usually are free (this varies).

You don’t have to be a paying member to participate in most activities!

Read more about the SCA, its activities and how it functions. Check out the Forward Into the Past article.

So how do I get started?

Find the Group nearest to you and its main contact person.  This listing is of all the groups in the Kingdom of Artemisia (Montana, lower Idaho, Utah, western Colorado and Wyoming). The real name of the area is in parenthesis below the SCA delineation.

If you don’t live in Artemisia, here are the listings for the other Kingdoms.

Please feel free to submit a news article to be posted on the Kingdom of Artemisia Web Site by emailing to the Webminister (webminister@artemisia.sca.org). Articles will be reviewed for relevancy to the Kingdom before they will appear on the site.