Awards (OP)

Awards are a wonderful thing. They help recognize people for their cotribution and success within the Kingdom. The awards page shows what awards the Kingdom gives, who has earned those awards, and how you can recommend someone for an award.

Event Calendar

Events are what we do in the Kingdom for fun. The Kingdom Event Calendar can help you find out what events are going on around the kingdom, and where the events are being held. If your event is not posted, please contact me and I will add it.


Every Kingdom has paper work and documents, our documents are located here. Would you like to register a name or device, or would you like the Kingdom handbooks for fighting, archery, etc. This is the place you want to look.


View the Royal Missive, learn about the goings on in the Kingdom, etc. Check out the news page for the latest in the Kingdom.


Would you like to volunteer in the Kingdom? Would you like to help out? We are always looking for help.


This a is page for Frequently Asked Questions. As we get more questions, I expect this list to grow.


August Crown Missive

Konrad and Kortland, King and Queen of Artemisia send greetings and well wishes.

We wish Our kingdom wealth and prosperity as we journey with Our might Artemisian Army to the lands of the East. Our cousins of the East Kingdom have sent word they need the mighty Gryphon to stand beside them at the great Pennsic War. As we march eastward We have been informed that several of Our baronies are at odds with each other; that indeed they plan to meet in battle at the border of Loch Salann and Gryphon's Lair. We are not pleased that Our baronage has chosen this time of our absence to rise against each other. Our good son and heir has been dispatched to extinguish this baronial assault. Know that Their Royal Highnesses are an extension of the Crown of Artemisia and they have our full support in dispensing the hand of justice.

We send this warning to Baron Dunkr and Baron Wilhelm; if Our lands of Artemisia are still at unrest by Our return you will be called before the Crown of Artemisia and will pay for this disruption of the peace.

For the honor of Artemisia,

Konrad & Kortland