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July Crown Missive

We, Konrad and Kortland, rightful sovereigns of the lands of Artemisia send greetings to Our most beloved populace.

Thank you all for such a wonderful Uprising. We were honored by those individuals from foreign lands that made the trek to this grand event. Their Excellency's of One Thousand Eyes hosted us all in royal fashion and provided an event one would be hard pressed not to find something to do. The fighting was grand, the Artisan Display was truly breathtaking, and the classes were many. Many thanks go out to the Barony of One Thousand Eyes, the Event Stewards, Our personal retinue, and all who worked so hard to provide such a wonderful event for Us. VIVAT!

It was Our honor to recognize HE Etienne Dupre and Mistress Helchen "the Rogue" of Capua as members of the noble Order of the Pelican. We have no doubt they will continue to serve Artemisia at the highest of levels. We announced the pending elevation to the Order of the Laurel of the Honorable Lady Fiametta. Please reach out to her and congratulate her if you are unable to make it to Coronation. We truly were moved by the chivalry, courtesy and kindness displayed by Our populace; We are proud to be your King and Queen.

It is Our intent to elevate Countess Clare to the Order of the Laurel at Raptor War. We invite everyone to attend this lovely event held in the mountains of Arn Hold. Countess Clare will be standing vigil on Friday evening and We ask you to please stop by her tent and share your words of encouragement and advice with her.

The office of Kingdom Seneschal is still open. We ask that should you feel that you have the project management, administrative and people skills to do this job to please contact Ourselves, Their Royal Highness's and HE Katya with your letter of intent.

Our travels lead us to the Barony of Sentinels Keep and Pennsic in the following months. We are looking forward to traveling north and spending time with Our populace at Hellsgate. We would like to thank everyone who has volunteered largess for the us to present to the Kingdom of the Outlands and the rest of the Known World.

Finally, the end of this month brings us to Kingdom Champions being hosted by the Barony of One Thousand Eyes. We would invite all members of our kingdom to compete in the various tournaments being held that day. Please contact Baroness Casamira should you have any questions regarding the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship. We look forward to a day of arts, marshal combat, rapier, equestrian, archery and thrown weapons. Kingdom Champions is an "idea" that was brought forward to previous crowns of Artemisia and implanted this year. We would ask that you please let Ourselves, Their Royal Highnesses, HE Katya and Duke Sean know your thoughts on this after the event.

For the Honor of Artemisia,

Konrad & Kortland