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CASTLE CRUSADE - The Search for the Artifact







DESCRIPTION: To the honorable populace of Artemisia, the Baron and Baroness of Arn Hold, do invite thee to their annual May event, Champions Revelry, to be held in Mountain Home, Idaho on the 6th day of May, Anno Domini 2017. On this glorious Spring day all in attendance shall bear witness to the selection of new champions in the categories of Heavy Fighter, Fencing, the Arts and Sciences, and the Baroness's favor (see all entry details below). Additionally, the assembled populace will be invited to partake in:

1. Baronial Armored combat championship
2. Baronial Rapier combat championship
3. Baronial A & S Championships
4. The Baroness' personal Champion competition
5. Games, hunckerhousen, "that thing with the sack and chest" etc.,
6. A variety of classes
7. A & S displays

In addition, The Baron and Baroness of Arn Hold, Sir Balenor Blackmere and Lady Teagan Mac Liam, having fulfilled their two years of service, are coming to the end of their terms and will be stepping down at Raptor War. A polling of the populace of Arn Hold will be conducted so that Their Majesties might know the opinion of the people as they consider who to appoint as new representatives of the Barony of Arn Hold. Event schedule and A&S contest submission rules TBD.

SCHEDULE: Site opens at 10:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm. The site is wet. Some shade will be provided, no pets allowed, tent stakes less than 14 inches are allowed, and enclosed/above ground fires permitted. A public pool is located on the same property as the park, but it will not yet be open. There are a number of playground areas, and a Sinclair station and Albertsons are located less than a mile from site.

SITE: Richard Aguirre Park (on same property as 795 S 5th W St, Mountain Home, ID 83647).

FEES: Site Fees: Adult Event Registration - $15. Adult Member Discount Event Registration - $10. Proof of SCA membership is required at the gate. Children under 18 years old are free. Please make checks payable to SCA Inc., Barony of Arn Hold.

Feast: A $3.00 Lunch will be provided as a fundraiser to benefit the Baronial General Fund.

DIRECTIONS: For those unfamiliar with the Easternmost Barony of Arn Hold,

1. Take best route to Mountain Home Idaho on I-84;

2. Take exit 90, Merge onto I-84 BL E/Old U.S. 30 E;

3. Turn left onto E 8th N, Turn left onto N 4th E;

4. Turn right onto McKenna Drive. Site will be on corner diagonal from city pool.

AUTOCRATS: Master Don Gomez de Santander (Craig Waylan) 208-631-3240; email:

Lord Ambrose Norwich (James Packer) 208-598-5709; email:


DESCRIPTION: our Majesties and Illustrious Nobles of the Realm,

Our scouts have reported an invasion of An Tirian yaks in our northern forests. Our local yak experts suggest that they have come seeking their lost leader, Nanbert. Considering the market for yak pelts and horns, we believe that a great hunt would be highly profitable. As such, I have assigned members of the shire to build a base camp from which we shall venture out to slay these mighty beasts and harvest their pelts and horns. To celebrate the hunt, we shall be having games and an arts and sciences tournament as well as a great sacrifice to bring blessings upon our ventures. Also, it has come time to choose new archery, thrown weapons and arts and sciences champions. Bounties shall be paid to the greatest yak hunters.

Yours in Service,
Geoff, Lead Scout, Garrison of Crystal Crags

SCHEDULE: Site opens Friday, May 12th at 10:00 am and closes Sunday, May 14th at 5:00 pm. Site is damp. Above ground fires permitted and water is available. Pets allowed.

SITE: 48804 Lake Mary Ronan Road, Proctor MT 59929

FEES: Adult Event Registration (ages 16 years and older) $20 for the weekend; $13 day fee. Adult Member Discount Event Registration $15 for the weekend; $8 day fee. Children ages 15 years and younger are free. Blue SCA Membership Card must be shown at gate to receive the $5 member discount.

Please make checks payable to SCA Inc., Shire of Crystal Crags.

DIRECTIONS: Take Hwy 93 south from Kalispell, MT or north from Polson, MT to the Lake Mary Ronan turnoff. Drive 5 miles toward lake and turn right onto property.

AUTOCRATS: Geoff (Kyle Glass) 406-253-4481,

CASTLE CRUSADE - The Search for the Artifact

DESCRIPTION: As the snows recedes back into the highest peaks and the sun returns to our skies, the earth begins to rumble with the sound of WAR! (and camping!) In preparation and practice for this war season, you are cordially invited to attend a most noble Castle Crusade in the one and only Province of Arrows' Flight.

In the south, rumors abound about an ancient object hidden deep within the stones of the kingdom's southernmost castle walls, hidden in plain sight over many years. Such a magnificent mcguffin would surely inspire us to victory against any foe if it were carried at the front of our army!

To that end, the Province of Arrows' Flight announces that whichever group helps find the artifact through deeds of arms, artistic display, or just plain sleuthing will be aided by the Province's own formidable fighters and artisans in a great alliance in this year's Baron's War.

The event promises to be a full day of activities and revelry. There will be armored combat and rapier fighting on the castle walls, as well as archery activities and a St. Longinus spear tournament. There will be a display with the theme of "Relics" with mementos of the kingdom's history or of inspiring individuals no longer with us, where they can be shared and remembered. A Lunch fundraiser will be run by Baroness Praxilla Taurina. Bring your banners and drums, and enjoy the beautiful castle views during the day, before dancing at a hafla under the stars. All that and much, much more await you in the southern lands of Arrows' Flight!

SCHEDULE: Site opens 12 noon Friday, May 12th and closes 12 noon Sunday, May 14th. Please note that the site is camping friendly and also a dry one. Pets are welcome following usual leash rules, etc.

SITE: The Provo Castle Amphitheater, 1300 E Center Street, Provo, UT 84606

FEES: Adult Event Registration $17. Adult Member Discount Event Registration $12. Youth ages 6-18 years $13 ($5 discount event registration applies for youth members). Children ages 5 years and younger are guests of the Province.

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to the I-15 and head for Provo Center Street. Get off at Exit 265 and head East (towards the mountains and away from the lake) on Provo Center Street. Follow that until you reach the State Hospital at the base of the mountains (approx. 3 miles), go left at the roundabout and continue toward the mountains and up the road to the Amphitheater area. Please be aware that TEMPORARY parking is available by the lawn but permanent parking should be done by the camping areas or at the bottom of the hill.

AUTOCRATS: Autocrat: Marguerite de Provins (Ashley Aedo), 501-960-0609

Lunch Coordinator: Praxilla Taurina (Hastings Sanderson)


DESCRIPTION: Odin has sent out the call for the mightiest warriors in the land to take up the quest to find his lost sagas. On May 26th to the 29th at the Mount Ogden Archery Range, the members of Gryphon's Lair will be questing for the Sagas. Bring your best raiding team and join us in as we try to outsmart the tricksters Loki, defeat the ancient draugr that have risen from their slumber and join Ullr as he leads hunt to the slay the beasts of the forest.

We will be holding tournaments to name the new Armored and Rapier champions of the Lair. Come see if you can best the mightiest warriors in the kingdom and take home a prize worthy of a champion.

SCHEDULE: Site opens at 2:00 pm May 26th and closes at 12:00 pm May 29th. The site is WET. Smoking is allowed but you must pick up your butts. Fires in above ground pits ONLY. Pets are welcome but must be leashed and cleaned up after. Potable water and flushing toilets are on site.

SITE: Mount Ogden Archery Range, W Old Hwy Rd, Morgan, UT 84050

FEES: Adult Event Registration camping fee - $28.
Adult Event Registration day fee - $15.
Adult Member Discount Event Registration camping fee - $23.
Adult Member Discount Event Registration day fee - $10.
Children (ages 10-17 years old) camping fee -$17; day fee $10.
Children Member discount camping fee - $12; day fee $5.
Children under 10 years old are free.
Family cap:
Camping fee - $90. Day fee $50.
Member discount camping fee - $70; day fee $30.
Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Barony of Gryphon's Lair.

DIRECTIONS: From South: Take best route to I-15 N. Merge onto US-89 N. Merge onto I-84 E. Take exit 96. Turn left onto W 4300 N. Turn right on W Old Hwy Rd. Site is .6 miles on the right.
From North: Take best route to I-15 S. Merge onto US-84 E. Take exit 96. Turn left onto W 4300 N. Turn right on W Old Hwy Rd. Site is .6 miles on the right.
From East: Take best route to US-84 W. Take exit 96. Turn right onto W 4300 N. Turn right on W Old Hwy Rd. Site is .6 miles on the right.

AUTOCRATS: Lord Domnall Lunn (Trent Baxter) phone: 801-529-2195 (no calls after 10:00 p.m.) Email:


DESCRIPTION: Please join Their Majesties Floki & Gwenevere, Their Highnesses and Their Excellencies as we celebrate Twenty years of the Kingdom of Artemisia. This auspicious occasion promises a plethora of activities for the delight of all including melees and tourneys for rapier and armored combat; youth activities; a variety of archery shoots; thrown weapons; arts and sciences activities; a Pas d'arms featuring past and present Royalty of Artemisia and more!

If you are interested in being part of the event team or sponsoring, hosting, coordinating any activities please contact the Event Stewards; Azir de Lucera & Asgeirr Rekke I Dane
Volunteers will be needed (and greatly appreciated!!) in all areas of event administration.

To Commemorate this auspicious occasion and support our glorious Kingdom there will be a fundraiser - Commemorative T-Shirts - preorders will be available; plan ahead - Paid pre-orders are the only way to guarantee your shirt & size and you can pick them up when you arrive. Only very limited quantities & sizes will be available on site and will require cash. Please watch the electronic information outlets for more information as it becomes available.
We looking for FULL COLOR art work for the fundraiser T Shirts. Submit your designs Now!
You must include the Release form. Artwork for consideration must be submitted by April 1st

The site is Weber Countys Historic Fort Buenaventura Park, 2450 "A" Street in Ogden, Utah
Ample Camping, limited shade, nice RV spaces (must be preregistered), water available, limited permanent privies along with porta privies. There are Hotels and other amenities are nearby. The site is Decidedly Damp {(period containers, please) No container larger than 32oz (site rule)}. All laws regarding consumption of alcohol apply. No illegal drug use. Pets are welcome; they must be properly leashed and must be cleaned up after quickly. Fires in fire pots and off the ground to avoid damage to vegetation and must not be left unattended. (Pending any Fire Restrictions in force at the time) Merchants are welcome; Must have current Utah Sellers Permit, please see website for more information.
There will be a "enchanted ground" section of Camp; where those who have period encampments will have the opportunity to be part of (prime land) - preregistration required to ensure space. This will create a fantastic visual impression and show the glories of Artemisia!


SCHEDULE: The site opens on Friday, June 30th, at 10AM, and closes on Tuesday, July 4th at 10AM.

SITE: Fort Buenaventura Park, 2450 "A" Street in Ogden, Utah

FEES: Full event; Weekend &/or Camping
Adults with MEMBER discount Preregistered $45.00 At Gate $55.00
Adults Preregistered: $50.00 At Gate: $60.00
SINGLE Day Trip Fees (PER DAY) At the Gate Only
Adult with MEMBER discount $20.00
Adult: $25
Minors attending with parent or guardian are guests of the Kingdom

Preregistration and Full weekend/Campers will receive a commemorative Site token.
Day Trippers and Youth will wear color coded wristbands
Anyone not wearing their site token or correct wrist band will be escorted off site!

Prepaid reservations, to obtain site discount and qualify for land allocation and early on, must be post marked by June 10, 2017. Please make the checks payable to Barony of Gryphons Lair, SCA, Inc., and mail to The Barony of Gryphons Lair SCA Inc., PO Box 251 Kaysville UT 84037. Please include a detailed list of modern names, current membership number, age if youth, and what you are paying for (i.e. how many site fees &/or Tshirts & sizes) with your check. Forms from the website preferred. To receive confirmation, include a self addressed stamped envelope or your email address. Forms available online - T Shirt information will be available online. Plan accordingly this event will be Cash Only at the Door/Gate

DIRECTIONS: From the South: Take your best route to I-15 and head to Ogden. Exit at 24th Street, exit #342. Turn right at the light at the base of the off ramp. The road will curve to the right until you are facing east. Proceed almost a mile. Turn right onto A Avenue. After about a block, turn left on to W Capitol St., it looks like somebody's driveway, but it isn't. The road will dip down and curve around, you will pass the Miles Goodyear Field on the left, proceed all the way to the parking lot and the pond. There will be signs. There are signs for Fort Buenaventura

From the North: Take your best route to I-15 and head to Ogden. Exit at 21st Street, exit # 343. Turn right at the light at the bottom of the off ramp, you should be facing west on 2100 S. Proceed about .6 miles to 1900 W (a light). Turn Left onto 1900, heading south, and proceed .6 miles to 2550 S (a light) Turn Left on to 2550 S., proceed about 1.1 miles to Pennsylvania Ave (light) Turn left onto Pennsylvania Ave, proceed about .4 mile where the road will curve to the right and become 24th street heading east, about .6 miles turn right onto A Avenue. After about a block, turn left on to W Capitol St., it looks like somebody's driveway, but it isn't. The road will dip down and curve around; you will pass the Miles Goodyear Field on the left. Proceed all the way to the parking lot and the pond. There will be signs. There are signs for Fort Buenaventura.

AUTOCRATS: Maestro Azir de Lucera, Ron Lucero,

HE Asgeirr Rekke I Dane, John Crowell,