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DESCRIPTION: Event Stewards Sir Michael the Lucky (Michael Huston), 801-645-5651, EMAIL
Fighting Coordinators:
Heavy - Sir Bohun the Black (Adrian Kuhn), 801-856-3621, Bowen_the EMAIL
Rapier - HL Johanne die Weyer (Holly Johnson) 385-240-7856, EMAIL
Non-Fighting Activities Coordinator: TBA

Fantastically, Fabulous, Fun, Family Friendly Filk Festival!!! Join us Saturday night at HELLSGATE, August 3-6, 2017, Barony of Sentinels' Keep for an evening filled with fun, entertainment, unmatched talent, and fierce competition! The Baroness of Sentinels' Keep is spon- soring a competition like no other! The Third Annual Fantastically, Fabulous, Fun, Family Friendly Filk Festival!!!

There is a little twist in the rules this year. Instead of a required word, your filk must be to a tune of a 60's song!! There are some great ones out there so choose wisely Grasshopper! This year's winner may find them- selves a little Rummy after their win. (A filk is lyrics written to the tune of another song that people are familiar with. In this case, lyrics about the SCA or a medieval theme.)

Rules: The filk must be original and never before performed. The perfor- mance may be done by an individual or a team.

There are 6 ways to earn points:

Judges Choice: There will be 3 judges who will score each perfor- mance from one to 5.

Audience Favorite: Each person will receive 1 pony bead to vote for their favorite. The performer with the most pony beads gets 1 point. These categories get 1 point regardless of multiple uses of any: Costume or Props: You may use either and will receive 1 point for the use.

Choreography: You will get 1 point for any choreography.

Theme: You will get 1 point for using a 60's song for your filk. Audience participation: You will get 1 point for getting the audience involved in anyway.

The most points that can be won is 20. In the case of a tie, each individual or team will be given 15 minutes to create a verse to their song incorpo- rating a theme they will be given. Audience applause will determine the winner. Remember this is G rated!

SCHEDULE: Site open at noon on Thursday, Aug 3rd, archery range open. There will be activities planned for the evening. Activities include: Chil- dren's activities Friday & Saturday afternoon, Heavy fighting tournament Friday evening, Saturday rapier and heavy fighting, Baronial Archery and Thrown weapons championship, gaming competitions, and Saturday evening feast prepared by Chef Extraordinaire, Duke Ibrahim alDim- ashqi, Italian Cuisine. Site closes at 2 pm on Sunday, August 6th. Schedule specifics will be announced soon on Facebook!!!

SITE: Hellsgate will be held near Huson, MT (20 miles west of Missoula on Interstate 90). The site is located at the end of Stenerson Lane in Huson, MT. Site opens at noon August 3rd and closes at 2 pm, August 6th. There is a bar with minimal services available at interstate ramp, and Frenchtown is five miles away with convenience and grocery stores, motels, and all regular services. Potable water is available from a well hose onsite but you may prefer to bring your own drinking water. There are no showers at this time. Personal showers allowed. Pets are allowed, but must be on leashes, as there are private homes nearby with animals. Cleaning up after your pet is YOUR responsibility. There is the possibil- ity of coyotes and birds of prey in the area if your dog is small. There is a chance there may be fire restrictions in place at this time. There will be one large fire pit for the encampment. Cooking sources and propane fire pits must be above ground 12" and require a fire extinguisher nearby and visible in every camp. Site is wet; some shade. Also high chance of insects, repellent highly recommended. Smoking allowed, but care must be taken if conditions are dry; no butts on the ground EVER. Handicapped accessible, but ground can be slightly rough and some grass clumps. Assistance may be needed in some areas.

FEES: Adults Event Registration fee: $25. Adult Member Event Discount

Registration fee: $20. Youth ages 17 and under free.

Feast Fee $12 (including children).

Must RSVP by July 15th to: EMAIL.

Please send each person's SCA and modern names.

Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc., Barony of Sentinels' Keep.

DIRECTIONS: From Interstate 90, make your way to Huson, MT (approxi- mately 20 miles east of Missoula, MT). Take Exit 85, the Huson Exit. Coming off the Exit, turn over highway toward Huson, or south. At the stop sign, turn right, or west, on Huson Road (first road off of Interstate) and travel .68 miles. Turn left, or South, onto Stenerson Lane. Continue straight until you see the Dead End sign, which looks to end in a yard. Look just to the right of that, and you will see the SCA signs, and parking, and the road to the entry gate. There will be plenty of sign-age. It does look like you are entering someone's yard. You kind of are!

GPS coordinates of 47^1'39.899"N by 114^20'24.968"W.

AUTOCRATS: Da'oud al Dimashqi (Sam Risho) 302 S 4th West, Missoula, MT. Phone: 406-370-7435; email: EMAIL


DESCRIPTION: Are you prepared to do your duty for your Barons and your bounty?! Put your mettle to the test in this coming Barons War! This August we do battle and make merry on the
Fields at Curlew Campground, Idaho, next to Stone Reservoir.
* Campground will not be available until 10:00 am on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday.
* Opening announcements are planned for Friday, August 4th tentatively at 10:00 am.
* If you are helping with setting up scenarios, you may arrive on Thursday.
* This location is next to a reservoir; there is no lifeguard on duty. All
water activities will be at your own risk.
* This Site has ADA approved bathrooms and concrete pads but may be rough terrain between camps.
* This is a wet site; legal age limit will be enforced, violators will be ejected from site.
* Please keep track of waste. We want to leave the site as clean as possible to book this same venue next year.
* Please keep track of food as the site is known for its wildlife.
* Open fires may be permitted depending on conditions. Please purchase your firewood locally.
* There is water on site but no water hook ups or electricity. There are fire pits available.
* A&S BEAR PIT will take place Friday evening. Further A&S and Youth Activities will be scheduled tentatively.
* Archery and Throwing Activities to be announced after Melee Madness.

SCHEDULE: Site opens at 10:00 a.m. Friday, August 4th and will close at noon, Sunday, August 6th.

SITE: Curlew Campground, Idaho (located approximately 7 miles north of Snowville, Utah / 10 miles south of Holbrook, Idaho)

FEES: Adult Event Registration Fee: $35;
Adult Member Event Discount Registration fee: $30.
Children are free.
$5 Burger Burn.
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Barony of Loch Salann.

DIRECTIONS: From Salt Lake City, Utah: Take I-15 north until it divides into I-15 and I-84. Take I-84 to the Snowville exit. Follow Stone Road until it turns to the right. Take the next left to Curlew Campground. From Pocatello, Idaho: Follow I-15 south until you reach exit 13 to ID-38. Follow ID-38 until you reach 21000 then turn left. Follow 21000 west (turns into 8500 S until you reach 22500. Follow 22500 until you reach the camp.

AUTOCRATS: Bastion (Matthew Ryan) 801-866-5016 EMAIL


DESCRIPTION: The Wastelands are now ripe for conquest and the time for pillaging and plundering is upon us. Come join Bronzehelm to take part in our Conquest of the Wastelands. This Two

Day camping event is filled with Archery, Armored and Rapier combat as well as many festivities including our annual "VIKING PENTATHLON". Friday night, there will be a "Bard & Bonfire" (weather/fire bans permitting), drumming and dancing is always welcome. Saturday will be filled with an assortment of activities including the Shire Archery Championship, Armored/ Rapier Fighting (format will be decided by number of combatants), Viking Pentathlon as well as an A&S workshop. In the evening, we will be hosting a "Potluck Feast" (with meat provided by the Shire) followed by revelry.

SCHEDULE: Site opens Friday, August 11th at noon and closes Sunday, August 13th at noon. The site is "wet" with a "you haul it in, you haul it out" policy.

SITE: Never Done Ranch, 2936 N. 18 Rd., Worden, MT. 59088

FEES: Adult Event Registration all weekend camping fee - $17.00; Adult Member Discount Event Registration weekend camping fee - $12.00. No charge for youth under 18 years old.

DIRECTIONS: From the West: From I-94 take exit 14 toward Ballantine / Worden. Turn left (those traveling from the east will turn right) at W Arrow Creek Rd. Continue onto S 16th Rd., turn left at E. I Rd., and take the first right onto S 16th Rd. Turn right at Hwy 312, and then take the third left onto N 18th Rd. The site is about 30 minutes northeast of Billings.

AUTOCRATS: Autocrat: Baron Sir Til the Lucky (Bruce Miller) Phone: 406-855-5150 e-mail with subject line "Conquest" to: EMAIL

Camping information: contact Lady Annora the Wise (Patti Kroger) e-mail with subject line "Conquest" to: EMAIL


DESCRIPTION: The Kingdom of Artemisia invites one and all to gather for Whipping Winds XIV, August 18-20 at Williamson Park outside Shelby, Montana. Our site will provide ample

shade and a break from the wind being located amongst the cottonwoods along the banks of the Marias River. The weekend will be filled with classes, archery, and armored Combat! Merchants are welcome and we ask but a small donation to our auction as your booth fee.

A call is issued to all fighters, heavy and rapier, and unto all the archers of our kingdom to defend our northern border from yet another onslaught of our dreaded foe and dear friends from the Kingdom of Avacal. Archers will have the opportunity to 'reduce' the number of heavy combatants by participating in our legendary clout shoot. You do not have to be a combat archer to take part; just have your period archery gear in hand.

The Marias River passes along the edge of the site property, which will offer wading or swimming (don't forget your suit) if the temperature is warm. Parents are asked to keep watch over your smalls. Children's activities are planned. Site has two playgrounds for the young or young at heart.

SCHEDULE: The Site will open 10:00 am on Friday, August 18, 2017 and closes at 4:00 pm Sunday August 20, 2017. The site is wet, but please use period containers. Water will be available on site. Sorry, no pets are allowed.

SITE: Williamson Park, approximately 7 miles south of Shelby, MT

FEES: Adult Event Registration fee: $30; Adult Member Event Discount Event Registration fee: $25. Minor children $15. Family cap is $75. Adult

DIRECTIONS: Take the best route on Interstate 15 towards Shelby, MT. Take exit 358 and follow the road south 1 mile to the Williamson park. Exit on the left (east) side of the road. Signs will be posted to guide all travelers. If you cross the river you have gone too far. Shelby is 7 miles to the north of the site and has motels, food and grocery stores, but specialty items may be hard to find. Plan ahead. For our Techno Friends the GPS thingy is: 48 25' 31.90" N, 111 52' 33.44" W

AUTOCRATS: Event Steward: Master/Sir Terrell al-Qasab (Terrell Cottterell); contact for fighter questions. Phone: 406-434-3177; email: EMAIL Mailing address: 318 11 ave N., Shelby, Mt 59474.

Merchant and class coordinator: Mistress Mirr Merat al-qasab (Adrienne Cotterell)

Raptor War

DESCRIPTION: Their Majesties of Artemisia, Floki and Gwenevere, have decreed that a Baronial Investiture shall be held and all are invited to celebrate the reign of Balenor and Teaghan 10th

Baron and Baroness of Arn Hold.

Their Excellencies have declared a weekend of melees, tournaments,

classes, and activities to celebrate the achievements of their populace. A potluck is scheduled for Friday night August 25th, and on Saturday the 26th, a feast of charred beef will be provided to honor the new Baron and Baroness and celebrate the accomplishments of the day. A current event schedule will be published and maintained as we draw closer to war. If you are interested in teaching a class or running an activity please contact the Event Steward so you can be added to the official schedule.

SCHEDULE: Site opens at 2 pm on Friday, August 25th, and everybody needs to be off site by noon on Sunday, August 27thth. Individuals staying after noon on the 27th may be charged extra fees by the Park. Alcohol is allowed, there is onsite water, and some shade. Pets are allowed as long as they are supervised by their humans.

SITE: Niagara Springs State Park, 2131 Niagara Springs Road, Wendell, Idaho 83355

FEES: Site Fees: Adult Event Registration fee: $12;

Adult Member Event Registration fee: $7.

Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Barony of Arn Hold.

Additional Fees: In addition, the State of Idaho will be charging both an entry fee of $5.00 per vehicle and $10.60 per tent per day, for the use of the park. You can save yourself some money by purchasing an Idaho Parks Pass, for $10 at your local DMV. This pass allows you free access (no park entry fee) to all state parks for the entire year. The SCA registration and Park/Tent Camping fees will still apply.

DIRECTIONS: Address is 2131 Niagara Springs Road, Wendell, Idaho 83355. Make your best way to Interstate 84 and take exit 157 to Wendell, Idaho. Head south five miles on Rex Leland HWY to Bob Barton road. Continue south to the Canyon rim, head down on Niagara Springs road, and follow the road north past the fish hatchery to Niagara Springs State park.

AUTOCRATS: HE Kelwin Ratslayer (Kelly Campbell) EMAIL

HG Konrad von Krixen (Kyle Freutel) EMAIL


DESCRIPTION: The SHIRE OF STAN WYRM welcomes you to celebrate the six month anniversary of Their Royal Majesties, Floki and Gwenevere in grand revelry in commemoration! Opening Court at Their Majesties whim. It will be a magnificent day as we will also welcome our new King Timmur, a fierce warrior and leader and his bold Queen Tianna, the strength and beauty of Artemisia. It will be a day filled with activities honoring our new majesties with fighting, feasting and celebration!

Good Gentles, Travel to the Northlands of our vast Kingdom on September 9th and revel in the beautiful Waste Lands of the Northern Prairie at a site that hosts the Montana State Fair, Expo Park. There is a large dining hall, heated bathrooms with washing facilities and flushing privies, all on a site that is grand to behold! The lodge facilities boosts 15,000 square feet of room to hold the entire event in, including vendors square.

Bring all you can of devices, banners and tapestries to decorate the hall for court and for a day of tournaments, Court festivities, merriment, and more. We will have an area large enough to hold Court and to leave Court set up all day, and still have space for tables to be left up for dining, games, and socializing as well as display room for Arts and Sciences. There will be an Arts and Sciences display of works by the Shire Populace and the Populace of Artemisia is welcomed and encouraged to display their Arts and Sciences as well.

We will be hosting a grazing lunch that will be put out by 11 am and cleaned up at 4 pm. The tavern will also have beverages at a modest cost. Saturday will prove to be a full and exciting day with Court of the outgoing Majesties and opening Court of Their Heirs. The day will see a Kings Champion Tournament, a five weapon tournament, a Queens Champion Tournament, an unbelted round robin, and the Queens Defender of the Sable Rose Rapier Tournament. On this day, the Bard of Artemisia will be selected! All populace members wishing to compete for the honor of wearing the celebrated bardic cloak are entreated to prepare well.

SCHEDULE: The site opens at 9 am on Saturday and closes at 9 pm. The site is discretely wet and in period containers only. Pets are welcome on leash and please pick up your pets leavings. There will be extra bags at Gate. Smoking permitted and butts must be disposed of in appropriate containers.

SITE: Montana Expo Park, 400 3rd St NW, Great Falls MT.

FEES: Site fees: Adult Event Registration fee - $20. Adult Member Discount Event Registration fee - $15. Youth under the age of 18 are free. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. Shire of Stan Wyrm.

Feast fee: $8.

DIRECTIONS: From North, South or West, driving on I-15: Take the Central Avenue West exit, (Exit 280). Turn east on to Central Ave W. At the 6th Street light, turn left on to 6th St NW. Use the Montana Expo Park entrance on your right opposite 5th Ave NW. Drive past the barns toward the large "4 Seasons" building in front of you. The Exhibition Hall, our site, is the smaller connected building to the left.

From North, driving on US 87: Approaching Great Falls, bear right on to Old Havre Highway near the TV towers. It starts out as a two-lane road. (If you are on a four-lane road, turn right by Fleet Supply to get back over to Old Havre Highway). At the light, turn right on to Smelter Ave, heading west. Stay on the four lane as it bends southward and changes name to 3rd St NW. Past the intersection by Kmart, Expo Park will be on your right. It is about two blocks from the intersection to the entrance. Turn in at the entrance and turn right between the buildings. The "4 Seasons" building will be in front of you. The Exhibition Hall, our site, is the smaller connected building a little further north.

From East, driving on US 87: You will enter Great Falls on 10th Ave S. Continue on 10th Ave S across the Missouri River. At the only light past the bridge, take a right on to 6th St SW. Follow 6th St through the light at 6th and Central W. Use the Montana Expo Park entrance on your right opposite 5th Ave NW. Drive past the barns toward the large "4 Seasons" building in front of you. The Exhibition Hall, our site, is the smaller connected building to the left.

AUTOCRATS: Event Steward: HL Redhawk (Pam Hagen) 406-217-1372,EMAIL

Feast Steward: HL Forrest of Gumb (Forrest LaBelle) 406-788-0657,EMAIL


DESCRIPTION: Let us gather for one final celebration of good food, good friends and good harvests!

Join us in the picturesque and hospitable Shire of Cote du Ciel as we celebrate a quarter century of combat, classes and companionship at Harvest War! Much merriment will be had by all, whether fighter, artisan or simple lover of the forest!

SCHEDULE: Site will open at 12 noon on Friday, September 15th and closes at 12 noon on Sunday, September 17, 2017. The site is large and offers ample tree shade and a refreshing stream for your enjoyment. Please monitor children and pets around water at all times. The campground has flush toilets and running water and is handicapped accessible. Sunshades are encouraged for enjoyment of the melee battles. The campground backs up on a residential area and night time noise ordinances will be enforced. Fires will be in designated pits only and are subject to USFS fire restrictions. Be sure to check fire restrictions the day before the event to ensure you have the correct information. Children must be supervised. Pets are welcome but must be on leash at all times. The site is wet.

SITE: Box Elder Campground, Mantua, UT.

FEES: Adult Event Registration fees (ages 17 years and older) - camping $23; Saturday only $17. Adult Member Discount Event Registration fees (ages 17 years and older) - camping $18; Saturday only $12. Teens ages 12-16 years camping fee: $14; Saturday only $8. Children under 12 years old are guests of the Shire. Family Cap is $74. Family cap includes camping fees for two adults and their minor children. Proof of SCA membership is required to receive Member Discount. Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Shire of Cote du Ciel.

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to i-15. Take exit 362 (1100 S US 89/91), turn east heading towards Mantua/Logan. After approximately 4.5 miles take the Mantua Exit onto 100 S. Turn right onto S. Park Drive and follow the signs to Box Elder Campground.

AUTOCRATS: Symonne de Clermont en Beauvaisis (Lydia Semler), 402-707-3771. email:EMAIL

Tati'iana Aleksieva (Jen Hinton);EMAIL Merchant Coordinator: James of Cote du Ciel


DESCRIPTION: Old Man Winter casts his baleful eye upon the land. Once verdant fields have donned a tawny hue. Soon the days will shorten and the fields and firths become frosted and the barbarians of the north hungrily gather for their raids. Hear the bloodthirsty howls on the northern winds as they blow through the Shire of Crystal Crags. Attend, ye all, the shire in this hour of need. Don thy armor and draw thy blades for glory and honor await! Now is the time to find a champion who will lead us and protect the north from the bloodthirsty savages beyond. Feast with us! Fight with us! Join us for Barbarian Bash!

SCHEDULE: Site opens Friday, September 22rd 10 am and closes Sunday September 24th by 4 pm. The site is wet, but period containers are requested. Merchants are welcome and while there is no fee, we ask for a small donation to our auction Saturday evening. Potable water is available on site. Any restrictions on fire and open flames will be determined by the fire season. Pets are allowed, but must be leashed at all times.

SITE: 48804 Lake Mary Ronan Road, Proctor MT 59929

FEES: Site Fees: Adult Event Registration fee (16 years and up): $20 for weekend and $15 for day. Adult Member Discount Event Registration fee: $15 for weekend and $10 for the day. Children 15 years and under are free. Blue Membership Card must be shown at gate for the $5 member discount.

Feast: There will be a feast consisting of a roast pig and trimmings. Please contact the feast steward, Lord Ruaidri Cambell, to make a reservation. There will be a pre-payment requested to ensure that the food costs are covered.

DIRECTIONS: Take Hwy 93 South from Kalispell, MT or north from Polson, MT to the Lake Mary Ronan turnoff. Drive 5 miles toward the lake and turn right onto property.

AUTOCRATS: Autocrat: Jesse McKinnon (Jess Thornton) 406-407-5264,EMAIL

Feast Steward: Lord Ruaidri Campbell (Dennis Walter) 406-250-7079


DESCRIPTION: In medieval England, Michaelmas (pronounced "MICKel-mus.") marked the ending and beginning of the husbandman's year. The harvest was over, and the reeve of the manor would be making out the accounts for the year, new servants were hired, land was exchanged, and debts were paid.

The Incipient Shire of Stonegate invites you to come and share in the bounty of our harvest, as we hold a fundraising feast to celebrate our newly christened lands. This glorious repast will be donated and prepared by some of the finest cooks in the land. Highlights will include exquisite treats baked by Lady Belka, cheese made by Honorable Lord Ogmundr The Rook, and as a special guest His Grace Ibrahim will be joining us as celebrity chef. There will also be a silent auction of donated goods and services. The proceeds from the feast and silent auction at the event will be used to establish operating funds for the new shire.

SCHEDULE: The event will open at 4 pm and close at 10 pm, with feast planned for serving around 6:30. A menu will be made available as we get closer to the event. The silent auction will close at 9 pm. There is no court planned, but that could change at the request of Their Royal Majesties or Their Excellencies One Thousand Eyes.

SITE: The United Church of Christ, 309 N. Garfield Ave., Pocatello, Idaho. Site opens at 4 pm and closes at 10 pm. There is parking across the street at Pocatello High School, as well as on the local city streets. Do not park in the Downard Funeral Home parking lot, they WILL tow your car. The site is DAMP, period containers only please.

FEES: Site Fees: Adult Event Registration fee $10; Adult Member Discount Event Registration $5. Youth (ages 13-18) $5. Youth ages 12 and under are free.

Feast fee: $15; youth ages 6-12 years $7. Youth 5 years old and under are free. Feast will be capped at 60. Feast reservations may be made with Sir Marcello before September 15th .

DIRECTIONS: Make your way to the Center Street Exit on I-15 (exit 69) in Pocatello, Idaho. Proceed west into town on Clark, until Clark merges with Center and crosses under the railroad in the center of town. Continue west through 2 lights (Main St and Arthur St) and come to a 4-way stop at Garfield St. Turn Right and travel north on Garfield 2 blocks to the UCC Church at 309 N. Garfield.

AUTOCRATS: Steward: Sir Marcello (Ken Wilson) 208-339-0898;EMAIL

Co-Steward: Lady Belka Maluchka (Cristasha Reardon)EMAIL


DESCRIPTION: Greetings good gentles! The Barony of Sentinels' Keep wish to invite one and all to our annual Harvest Court celebration and Baronial Investiture held this year on October 14, 2017, wherein we shall welcome the new nobility, and hold tournaments, dance, sing, and play games. We also invite all fighters of our realm, both light and heavy to compete in tournaments to determine our new Baronial Rapier and Heavy Champions! Championships are open to any member in northern Artemisia (MT). The day shall be filled inside and out with games of all kinds, and there shall be music and dancing. The Feast will be a sumptuous affair by Lady Isgeror. Please have feast reservations in by September 30, 2017 toEMAIL. Feast fee is $10.00. An archery practice is being discussed for the Sunday after the event. Check on the website for more information.

SCHEDULE: Site opens at 8 am, and closes at 9 pm. Site is handicap accessible. Site is dry. No fires. No camping. No pets with the exception of service animals. Cleaning up after your pet is required.

SITE: Hope Lutheran Church, 1506 W Pennsylvania St, Anaconda MT 59711

FEES: Site Fees: Adult Event Registration fee - $15. Adult Member Discount Event Registration fee - $10. All youth under age 17 are guests of the Barony.

Feast fee: $10. Children under 6 feast as guests of the Barony. Please make checks out to SCA Inc., Barony of Sentinels' Keep.

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to Anaconda. Entering Anaconda from the east on Commercial St. ONE WAY, go through town until Commercial (a one way street going west through town) merges with Park Street (which in town is a one way street going east). Continue west until you can turn right (north) on Sycamore Street, then take a left at W Pennsylvania St.

AUTOCRATS: Issobell Robertsoun (Rachel Harrison) and HE Illora of the West Lea (Cindie Kalan-Green). Phone: 210-980-8506; email:EMAIL


DESCRIPTION: WAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!! No? No war? You mean we're not fighting anybody right now? What are we going to do with all our free time? Shall we suffer the brave warriors of Artemisia to lose their skills and wit during this time of peace? Of course not! Instead, LET US HUNT!

In medieval times the hunt was a sport exclusive to royalty and aristocracy and was also an important part of court etiquette. Skill in hunting during peacetime was held akin to chivalric prowess in war. And of course hunting was very important in providing the assortment of game necessary for a nobleman's table. The hunt was also a social event that could include a picnic feast, games, dancing, and shows of martial prowess. On the 14th day of October Anno Societatis 52 (2017) The August Barony of Gryphon's Lair invites one and all to join in a day of feasting, games, learning, and above all the testing of skills against wily beasties of many kinds. And there will be prizes, pretty pretty prizes! (That got your attention, didn't it?)

We will be holding a polling for the new Baronage of the great Barony of Gryphon's Lair. Come join in the Hunt!

SCHEDULE: Site opens at 9am and closes at 8 pm. Site is wet.

SITE: Mount Ogden Archery Range, Stoddard, UT. Site is located approximately 1257 West Old Highway Rd., Morgan, UT.

FEES: Adult Event Registration fee: $13. Adult Member Discount Event Registration fee: $8. Minors are free. Family cap is $16. Make checks out to SCA Inc., Barony of Gryphon's Lair.

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to I-84 Utah. Take exit 96 (Peterson/Stoddard). Follow the signs toward Stoddard, Utah. From the West, turn left, then at the "T" turn right. Less than a mile down the road you will see the range on your right. Turn right at the MOA gate. There will be signs.

AUTOCRATS: Event Steward: HE Bethany of Windermere (Valerie Scarbrough) 801-499-2600 orEMAIL

Co-Event Steward: M'Lady Alice Langston (Jordan Howarth) 385-288-9138


DESCRIPTION: With the advent of autumn, we gather to choose who from among us will become heir to the Gryphon Thrones. Let all come neigh who stand willing to test their prowess at arms in the bid to become the next Crown Prince and Princess of Artemisia. This day will be a day of pageantry, fun, gallant deeds of arms and song. At days end we joyfully celebrate the birth of a new Crown Prince and Princess for our lands. To celebrate our brave fighters and their consorts we also call personal heralds, bards and musicians to prepare challenges, songs and stories that celebrate our kingdom and the honor of the combatants. The festivities will begin at 10 am on October 21, 2017 in the Shire of Cote du Ciel. The tournament will begin at Their Majesties discretion. The tournaments will be held outdoors, rain or shine. The site of the tourney field is about halfway down the Old Main Hill at Utah State University, accessible by stairs or ramp. There are trees to provide shade, but sun shades and canopies are welcomed. There is no feast, but there will be a break for dinner. There will be a silent auction fundraiser; please consider bringing an item to place in the silent auction.

Letters of Intent, including copies of current membership cards and fighter authorization cards (for combatants) should be mailed to the Crown, postmarked no later than the day of Fall Coronation, with copies to the Kingdom Seneschal and Minister of the Lists. The copies to the Kingdom Seneschal and Minister of the Lists may be electronic, but the letter to the Crown MUST be hard copy. Letters to the Crown should be directed to:

M.J. McCorriston 3788 S 8370 W Magna, UT 84044 Tourney Site: Old Main Hill, Utah State University Campus, Logan, Utah 84322.


SITE: Old Main Hill, Utah State University Campus, Logan, Utah 84322.

FEES: dult Event Registration fee is $15; Adult Member Discount Event Registration fee - $10. Minors 17 and under are free. Please make checks payable to: SCA Inc., Shire of Cote du Ciel.

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to Logan, Utah. From Main Street, turn east on 400 N. Travel 1.3 miles and turn left onto Champ Drive. Follow the SCA signs along the Quad for approximately 100 yards. After the road turns left, go straight into the Purple parking lot. The tourney field will be off the west end of the lot.

AUTOCRATS: Event Steward: Sir Bartholomew Hightower (Dan Watson) 435-770-4315; email EMAIL

Co-Steward: Lord Johan Aguilar de Grenada (Enrique Aquilar) 480-310-5550; email EMAIL