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The Shire of Bronzehelm

  • Location: Billings, MT
  • Website: website


Ivan of Zemgale
(Peter Freivalds)
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Shire of Bronzehelm, SCA Inc.
P.O. Box 772
Billings , MT

Shire of Crystal Crags Shire of Windegate Barony of Sentinels' Keep Shire of Stan Wyrm Shire of Silver Keep Shire of Bronzehelm Barony of Arn Hold Barony of 1000 Eyes Shire of Twae Linnes Barony of Gryphon's Lair Shire of Côte du Ciel Shire of Otherhill Barony of Loch Salann Province of Arrows' Flight Shire of Dragonmarch

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Barony of 1000 Eyes Idaho Falls, Pocatello, ID
Barony of Arn Hold Boise, ID
Shire of Twae Linnes Twin Falls, ID


Shire of Bronzehelm Billings, MT
Shire of Crystal Crags Kalispell, MT
Barony of Sentinels' Keep Missoula/Butte, MT and surrounding region
Shire of Silver Keep Bozeman, MT
Shire of Stan Wyrm Great Falls, MT
Shire of Windegate Shelby, MT


Province of Arrows' Flight Provo, UT
Shire of Côte du Ciel Logan, Willard, Brigham City, UT
Shire of Dragonmarch Vernal, UT
Barony of Gryphon's Lair Ogden, Layton, Willard, UT
Barony of Loch Salann Salt Lake City, UT


Shire of Otherhill Evanston, Green River, and Rock Springs, WY

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