Event Information Packet

There is a 3 month advance notice requirement on event details starting with June 2016 events. Because of the turnaround time with getting budgets approved, the due date for all paperwork will be before the end of the month. The six documents linked below are the paperwork required for every event write up. The new procedure is for everyone to fill out these forms, send them to the Kingdom Calendar Seneschal, so they can get them through the loop at a Kingdom level.

Thank you for all you do for your Branch, and we hope this Event Packet will make the process of handling events easier for everyone.

All documents must be approved by ALL members of your Branch Financial Committee prior to being submitted to the Kingdom Events Deputy. If you have any questions about this process or procedure, please do not hesitate to contact the Kingdom Calendar Seneschal.

* Event Information Packet
* Event Proposal Bid
* Pre-Event Budget Form
* Event Registration Form
* Fundraiser Form
* Post Event Financial Report