Kingdom of Artemisia Officers

Kingdom of Artemisia Officers
Office Title SCA Name Contact
Artemisian Stables Minister of the Royal Stables: Regent of the Horse Lord Ruger von
Artemisian Stables Minister of the Royal Stables: Regent of the Hound HL Aine
Arts and Sciences Chancellor of the University Hachood K. Braden von Sobernheim,
Arts and Sciences Deputy Minister for Martial Studies Gebeider Marten Claessen van
Arts and Sciences Emergency Deputy Minister Baroness
Arts and Sciences Minister of the Arts and Sciences Baroness Antonia d'Alessandria, O.P,
Arts and Sciences The Maple Editor Baroness Juliana nic Lachlainn, OL,
Arts and Sciences University Registrar Baroness Rebecca Chadderton, OL,
Chatelain Kingdom Chatelain Baroness Illora of the west
Chronicler Kingdom Chronicler Lady Sofia
Exchequer Chancellor of the Exchequer Lady Winifred
Exchequer Keeper of the Royal Regalia
Exchequer Kingdom Accounts Deputy Mistress
Exchequer Kingdom Deputy Exchequer Sir Gregory of
Exchequer Kingdom Deputy Exchequer for NMS and Heraldic Fees Lady Winifred
Heraldry Black Pillar Herald Apollonia K√ľ
Heraldry Golden Hand Herald Magdalena Lucia
Heraldry Golden Pillar Herald Sneferu sa
Heraldry Golden Wing Principal Herald THL Conchobhar mac
Heraldry Sable Plume Clerk of the Signet Ladyship Tamsyn
Heraldry Sage Herald (Emergency Principal Herald) Dunkr Ormstunga (Mark Steele) 416 Pepperidge Dr. Midvale, UT 84047 (801) 230-2065 (No calls after 9pm please)
Heraldry Wormwood Pursuivant (Precedence) Dunkr
Marshallate Archer General HE Master Bjorn
Marshallate Cut and Thrust Deputy Marshal Baron Aaron Carter,
Marshallate Deputy List Minister Mistress Meraud des Belles FeuillesN/A
Marshallate Deputy List Minister THL Perwyr verch OwenN/A
Marshallate Deputy List Minister HE Morgan ferch Cennydd of HawksreachN/A
Marshallate Deputy Marshal - Combat Archery Viscount Sir Robert de
Marshallate Deputy Marshal - Siege Sir Marcello
Marshallate Deputy Marshal - Target Archery Lord William
Marshallate Deputy Marshal - Thrown Weapons Maestro Azir de Lucera OP,
Marshallate Deputy Rapier Marshal Baron Aaron Carter,
Marshallate Earl Marshal Thorvald
Marshallate Minister of the Lists and Tourney Circuit HE Jennet Moir de
Marshallate Minister of the Marshallate Rolls Mistress Morgan of
Marshallate Rapier Marshal Wylef the
Marshallate Youth Combat Marshal Padruig
Seneschalate Acting Emergency Seneschal Baroness Juliana Nic Lachlainn, OL, OPN/A
Seneschalate Acting Kingdom Seneschal Mistress Katya in
Seneschalate Calendar Deputy Seneschal Hachood K. Braden von Sobernheim,
Seneschalate Clerk of Law Baroness Juliana Nic Lachlainn, OL,
Seneschalate Clerk of Law Lord Nathaniel
Seneschalate Northern Regional Deputy Seneschal Maistreas
Seneschalate Southern Regional Deputy Seneschal HE Master Bjorn
Seneschalate Waiver Deputy Baroness Juliana Nic Lachlainn, OL,
Social Media Kingdom Social Media officer THL Rhys Ap Maelgwn Ap
Web Ministry Kingdom Web Minister Kamei Kojirou Yoshi'
Youth Ministry Deputy Minister - Middle Region Open for BidN/A
Youth Ministry Deputy Minister - Northern Region Lady Isgeror BjargeyjardottirN/A
Youth Ministry Deputy Minister - Southern Region Lady Arianna RhosynN/A
Youth Ministry Kingdom Youth Minister Lady Michelle of Harris upon
Youth Ministry Youth Combat Marshal Lady Arianna