Kingdom of Artemisia Laurels

Kingdom of Artemisia Laurels
Status SCA Name Picture Local Group Date Given Master Area Expertise Other Areas Expertise
ActiveAdne Dirdal the Whitewolf (reg as Asne Whitewolf) N/ASentinels' Keep 2008-03-08 Metalworking
ActiveAgnes of Whitby/Hrafnhildr Frostadottir N/AArn Hold 1998-05-09 Norse glass beads
Inactive/Out of KingdomAgnese Canigiano N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1990-02-10
ActiveAlbreda Wolfkeeper N/ATwae Linnes 2003-06-14 German Tailoring
ActiveAllessandra Raffaela di Luciano (AKA Zahara min Shammar) N/A1000 Eyes 1992-08-01
Inactive/Out of KingdomAngus Sinclair of Wick (AKA Sadiq) N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 2005-07-02
ActiveAnne de Junius N/ALoch Salann 1982-03-07 Music
ActiveAnnys of Pengwyrn N/ASentinels' Keep 2009-06-19 Textiles
ActiveAntonia d'Alessandria N/AArn Hold 2004-01-31 Textiles Animal Husbandry, Fiefholding, Cooking
ActiveAodhnait Maire Siobhan NiNuanain N/ASentinels' Keep 1992-06-26 Tailoring Embroidery, Late period tailoring, Cooking, Historic textiles
DeceasedArmand le Mort N/ADeceased 2000-06-10
ActiveAvelyn ingen Uilliam N/A1000 Eyes 2008-11-01
Inactive/Out of KingdomBeatrice Carmela Mercante N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 2000-05-13
ActiveBengta Rolfsdotter N/AGryphon's Lair 2011-01-08 Textiles
ActiveBethany of Windermere N/AGryphon's Lair 2008-12-13 Calligraphy & Illumination Performing, Late period tailoring
ActiveBianca da Ravenna N/AGryphon's Lair 2007-01-06 Tailoring (Late period & Norse) Illumination, Embroidery, Tablet weaving
ActiveBirgit av Birka N/AOtherhill 1992-01-11 Norse Studies Early period culture, Early period handicrafts, Early period tailoring
ActiveBjorn Hrafnsson N/ALoch Salann 2010-12-11 Woodworking Arrow making
ActiveBrian Barnum N/ACrown Lands 2009-06-20 Metalworking Bow making, Equestrian, Armoring
Inactive/Out of KingdomBrion Anthony Uriel Tarragon N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1988-03-06
ActiveBrokha Veis (Reg.) N/ALoch Salann 2015-06-19
ActiveBronwyn Morgan N/ALoch Salann 2013-01-05 Calligraphy & Illumination Embroidery, Norse & Saxon Tailoring
Inactive/Out of KingdomCaolaidhe mac Ceaird N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1994-03-05 Calligraphy & Illumination Late period tailoring
ActiveCaryn Isolde Clothilde von Katzenberg N/ALoch Salann 1980-04-06 Calligraphy & Illumination Late period tailoring
ActiveCasamira Jawjalny N/ALoch Salann 1991-12-07 Calligraphy & Illumination Brewing, Cooking, Performing
ActiveClare de Lacy N/AArn Hold 2014-07-12 Pewter casting Embroidery, Applique
ActiveConnor Tryggvason N/ALoch Salann 2002-09-07 Handicrafts
DeceasedConstance de la Rose N/ADeceased 2006-06-09
ActiveCorisande de Burgh N/A1000 Eyes 1995-06-11 Middle Eastern Studies
Inactive/Out of KingdomCourtney Caesaria Almy (reg. as Caesaria Almy) N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1996-10-12
ActiveDaria de Salamanca N/AGryphon's Lair 2008-06-21 Norse glass beads Tailoring
ActiveEdward Drakenfeld N/A1000 Eyes 1995-09-16
Inactive/Out of KingdomEleanore MacCarthaigh N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1995-09-16
ActiveElspeth McBain N/ADrachenfeld 2011-07-13 Weaving
ActiveElyas Tigar N/ALoch Salann 2016-08-06
Inactive/Out of KingdomElyn of Coffinbury N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 2002-02-15
ActiveEsabell Grant N/AArn Hold 2007-02-03 Late period Tailoring Cooking
ActiveEsther bat Baruch/Arwen de Redvers N/ASilver Keep 2011-08-27 Ottoman & Mid-Eastern Dance & Culture
ActiveFiametta da Trastevere N/AGryphon's Lair 2014-08-30 Tailoring Late period & Roman, Performing, Cooking, Needlework
ActiveFloki hvitskeggr Lambason N/ALoch Salann 2002-03-09 Norman Culture
ActiveGefjon fasthaldri Hrafnardottir N/ASentinels' Keep 1993-01-10 Norse Studies Animal Husbandry
ActiveGiliana Attewatyr N/AArn Hold 2007-09-01 Pewter casting Calligraphy & Illumination, Mid period tailoring
ActiveGuillaume de la Rapiere N/AArn Hold 2001-02-17 Rapier Late period tailoring
ActiveHeidi of Cote du Ciel N/ACote du Ciel 2013-12-14 Beading
ActiveHeloys de Bec N/ALoch Salann 2000-12-09 Calligraphy & Illumination 14th c Tailoring, Tailoring
ActiveHildegardis filia Vulframni N/ALoch Salann 2009-12-12 Cooking
DeceasedJacqueline d'Bear N/ADeceased 1996-08-03
Inactive/Out of KingdomJadi al-Ishfahani al-Samarkandiyya N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 2003-06-14
ActiveJaquelinne de Radonvilliers N/AGryphon's Lair 2010-01-09 Calligraphy & Illumination Late period Embroidery, Late period tailoring
ActiveJofrior Connorsdottir N/AArn Hold 2005-02-19 Norse culture Equestrian, Fiefholding, Animal Husbandry
ActiveJuliana nic Lachlainn N/ASentinels' Keep 1993-02-11 Late period Tailoring & needlework Textile Arts, Flame-based work, Research
ActiveJyllian of Bubb N/A1000 Eyes 1991-03-02
ActiveKarl Braden von Sobernheim N/AArn Hold 2003-02-14 Music Embroidery, Arrow making, Cooking
ActiveKian hrafn af Dyrnesi N/ASentinels' Keep 1994-07-09 Norse culture Poo, Scribal
ActiveKonrad von Krixen N/AArn Hold 2010-06-18 14th c. German Culture Arms and armor
ActiveKortland Stirling Mayfaire N/AArn Hold 2000-01-08 Late period Tailoring Norse Tailoring, Byzantine Tailoring
Inactive/Out of KingdomLaurellen de Brandevin N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1991-05-04
ActiveLeah de Spencer N/ALoch Salann 2012-09-01 Monastic Culture
Inactive/Out of KingdomLore von Vechta N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1998-11-28
Inactive/Out of KingdomLynette Huntingdon N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1998-12-05
ActiveMarcello daDonnici N/A1000 Eyes 2015-11-21
ActiveMary Amanda Fairchild N/ALoch Salann 2005-06-10 Performance
ActiveMeg Davenport N/ALoch Salann 1988-10-29 Enameling Calligraphy & Illumination
DeceasedMikhail the Varangian N/ADeceased 1990-09-01
ActiveMorgan D'Antioche N/AArn Hold 1994-05-07 Illumination Armoring
Inactive/Out of KingdomNiccolo Gianfigliazzi Genovese N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 2003-09-13
Inactive/Out of KingdomNicholas Alejandro del Otono N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1993-01-10
ActiveOsondrea Elspeth Gabrielle du Bete N/A1000 Eyes 2003-11-22 Calligraphy & Illumination
ActivePasha Starling Mayfaire N/AArn Hold 1998-06-06 Performance Late period Bardic
Inactive/Out of KingdomRapheal the Rouge N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1990-12-08
ActiveRebecca Chadderton N/AGryphon's Lair 1993-06-20
ActiveRobert de Fletcher the Duelist N/AArn Hold 1986-08-23 Woodcarving
ActiveRobert de Spencer N/ALoch Salann 1987-12-05 Metalworking
Inactive/Out of KingdomRowena of Avalon N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1996-08-04
ActiveSarah Thomasyn N/ALoch Salann 1994-07-09
ActiveSerafina Basso/Catherine Noelle Elizabeth Petit N/AGryphon's Lair 2011-07-23 Late period Tailoring
ActiveSumayya bint Suleiman N/AStonegate 2009-11-21 Ottoman Tailoring and Culture
ActiveTamsyn Sutherland N/ASilver Keep 2015-07-11
ActiveTireachan MacPherson N/ATwae Linnes 1998-12-12
Inactive/Out of KingdomTryggvi Grabardr Olsen N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1992-08-12
ActiveVaria Goffe N/AArn Hold 2006-06-10 Calligraphy & Illumination Handicrafts, Norse tailoring & culture, Brewing
ActiveWilhelm von Adlersheim N/A1000 Eyes 2004-02-13 Performance
Inactive/Out of KingdomWilliam Somme de Ville N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 1999-11-20
Inactive/Out of KingdomWilliam Wilde N/AInactive/Out of Kingdom 2000-04-15
ActiveYaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Ala'iyiyya N/AArn Hold 2004-03-13 Equestrian Middle Eastern Culture, Tailoring
ActiveYelisveta Katlin Savrasova N/ALoch Salann 1981-11-14
ActiveYrsa Ivarsdottir N/ASilver Keep 1990-08-04