Kingdom of Artemisia Rolls (Devices)

Kingdom of Artemisia Rolls (Devices)
Name Blazon
Adelheid Achtsnicht Per chevron argent and vert, a chevron ploy
Adria of the Crosswinds Or, a saltire purpure between in pale two garden rosebuds gules, slipped and leaved vert, and in fess two wolf's heads erased respectant sable.
Adrian Dragon Per pale purpure and argent, two dragons combatant counterchanged.
Aegina de Spencer Gules, a mascle of two ribbons entwined, two ends pendant from chief Or, thereon in cross four sunflowers proper. [Helianthus annus]
Aelfred vom Silberwald Azure, on a pile Or between two oak leaves argent, a chalice gules.
Aelfric Bernson of Westbrook Vert, a pale and a base Or, overall a brock statant affronty argent marked sable.
Aelia Sophia of Artemisia Per saltire azure and argent, on a fess gules between two open scrolls argent three roses Or.
Aislynn Ulfbearn Or, a pale and on a chief gules, three tankards, lidded with boar's heads, Or.
Aithne O'Ryan Sable scaly, on a pile argent a decrescent sable.
Alan Youngforest Or, a ducal coronet between five pine trees two, two, and one sable within a bordure dovetailed gules.
Albreda Wolfkeeper Per pale purpure and gules, a wolf couchant reguardant and on a chief triangular Or a cinquefoil gules.
Aldgyth aet Fennholme Per bend embattled azure and vert, three gouttes d'eau and a garb Or.
Alessandra Gianetta da Siena Azure, on a pile argent three cinquefoils azure, a bordure ermine.
Aletheia Isidora of Philae Argent, a lotus affronty and a chief wavy azure.
Alexandria Cecil of Fairbrook Azure, a bend sinister ermine between a candle and candlestick flammant and a Latin cross argent.
Alfred Scot of Cesfurde Per bend gules and argent, a phoenix Or and a sun sable.
Alianore de Harcourt Or, on a pile invected azure between eight gillyflowers gules seeded Or a unicorn rampant argent.
Alistair Ian McGregor Per pale azure and argent, between two lion-headed dragons combattant two crampons crossed in saltire all within a bordure dovetailed counterchanged.
Alleyne de Spencer Azure, a snowy owl [Nyctea nyctea] perched upon a branch issuant from sinister proper, in canton a mullet Or, all within a bordure argent.
Amanda de Spencer Per chevron inverted enhanced gules and sable, a fret Or and a lantern, therein a candle argent, enflamed proper.
Amanda of Arn Hold Purpure, on a flame argent a phoenix azure rising from flames proper is the new device.
Ambrose Norwich Per saltire argent and azure, a tree blasted counterchanged.
Andrew the Executioner Argent, a double-bladed axe sable, hafted proper, within an orle of gouttes azure, on a chief sable two open books argent.
Angelina MacDougal Azure, on a four-leaved shamrock vert fimbriated a horse rampant and in chief a falcon displayed, head to sinister, Or.
Angelique de la Seine Per pale rayonny Or and sable, a stag rampant to sinister gules and an open scroll argent.
Angrim the Unreasonable Azure, on a pale between two bears combattant each maintaining a battle axe argent a tower azure.
Ankharet Verch Meredudd Per bend sinister sable and or, an eagle displayed or and a flowering sprig or rue vert seeded or.
Anna Elsbeth von Zuberbuehler Per pale vert and gules, a cross between four acorns Or.
Anna Rayne Azure, a tree Or issuant from a mount argent charged with a trefoil knot azure.
Annabella Graham Azure, a chevron wavy between two Celtic crosses and a thistle Or.
Anne de Junius Or, a pallet sable enfiled with an annulet enhanced vert.
Annys of Pengwyrn Or, flaunches azure.
Anthony Iron Skull Erminois, two ravens close respectant a bordure dovetailed sable.
Antoine de Bueil Per fess indented azure and argent, three swords and a caltrop counterchanged.
Antonia d'Alessandria Per saltire indented vert and Or, four lizards tergiant in cross counterchanged.
Aonghus Boithwell Per bend sinister Or and vert, a bull rampant gules and on a chief sable three acorns argent.
Ariel of York Azure, on a bend sinister Or between two open books argent a grape vine vert.
Armando Ramos el Caido Or, a branch blasted bendwise sinister vert within a bordure purpure.
Arn Azure, a cameleopard statant Or spotted sable between three moons in their complement argent.
Arrianna da Donnici Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a bend sinister dovetailed between two dragonflies argent.
Arrowyn of Emerald Moor Sable, a mullet of eight points, each point terminating in a shamrock, in chief a crown fleury Or, all within a bordure potenty quarterly argent and vert.
Ashley of Fife Per chevron argent and sable, two pairs of branches in saltire vert and a sword inverted argent.
Athenais Bryennissa Argent, a water bouget sable and a point pointed azure.
Aurore de Flandres Per bend vert and argent, a domestic cat couchant guardant argent and three wooden drop spindles in bend proper threaded vert.
Avelyn ingen Uilliam Or, a weeping willow tree proper within butterflies in annulo sable.
Azir de Lucera Or, on a sun sable a decrescent moon Or within a bordure sable bezanty.
Bartholomew Hightower of Canterbury Checky Or and azure, a chevron sable between three roses proper.
Basil der Drache Azure, a pall inverted between two basil leaves and a dragon segreant, a bordure argent.
Bengta Rolfsdotter Azure, on a mullet of four points within an orle of Wake knots argent a Viking longship sable.
Bianca da Ravenna Pean, two tygers passant counterpassant argent, a chief embattled Or.
Bianca Spiriti de Fiorenza Gules, a vol inverted argent and on a chief wavy Or three escallops inverted sable.
Bjorn Hrafnsson Argent, three bear's pawprints sable and a bordure embattled azure.
Bjorn Johansen Or, a chevron vert between two ravens contourny sable and a bunch of grapes proper.
Brandubh Ewebank Gules, a pall inverted Or between three bezants each charged with a raven sable.
Brendan ap Morgan Per bend vert and argent, in pale three fleurs-de-lys counterchanged.
Brian Barnum Per pall gules, sable and Or, in chief an anvil argent.
Brienus the Silent Purpure, six annulets, three, two, and one, argent.
Brigit ingen ui Chillini Per chevron inverted vert and argent, a lion sejant Or and three trefoils vert.
Bronwyn Morgan the Embroiderer Per bend azure and vert, in sinister chief two fleur-de-lys in bend and in dexter base an escallop inverted argent.
Brynjolfr Fjallgeirsson Per fess embattled argent and sable, two eagles and a roundel counterchanged.
Caointiarn Comhthaisteala Azure, a lion couchant guardant contourny, on a mount argent a hank of cord azure.
Caolaidhe mac Ceaird Pean, on a chief Or two Norse serpents respectant gules.
Carol of Stargate Vert, a wyvern erect regardant close, tail cowed and knotted about its neck, argent, in base a sprig of lilies-of-the-valley Or.
Caryn Isolde Clothilde von Katzenberg Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron argent between a sun Or and a domestic cat dormant argent.
Casamira Jawjalny Azure, a jester's hat lozengy gules and Or and a chief Or.
Catarina di Caneva Ermine, on a pale dovetailed bretessed vert three compass roses argent.
Cecilia di Firenze Gules, two recorders in saltire and on a chief wavy Or, three crosses couped gules.
Celestine of Arn Hold Per saltire vert and purpure, two swans naiant respectant and a bordure argent.
Christian MacLellan Per fess vert and sable, a fess between two dragon's heads erased addorsed argent and an annulet Or.
Christoph von Lubbeke Per fess Or and gules, four lightning bolts in saltire, points to center, azure and a tower argent.
Clare de Lacy Per bend sinister argent and azure, five lozenges bendwise in bend sinister counterchanged between a stag trippant regardant proper and a pheon Or.
Colin Campbell de Leith Gyronny pean and Or, in bend sinister a lion rampant reguardant contourny and a lion rampant reguardant gules.
Colleen inghean Phattraicc Per chevron purpure and vert, a pall inverted ermine between two equal-armed Celtic crosses and a hound statant Or.
Conchobhar mac Michil Ermine, a dragon segreant purpure, a bordure rayonny sable.
Connor Tryggvason Per chevron gules and vert, a chevron between two round buckles Or and a spearhead inverted argent, all within a bordure Or.
Conrad von Zuberbuehler Sable, a cockatrice displayed Or a bordure compony argent and gules.
Corisande de Burgh Per chevron inverted indented purpure and argent, in pale two fleurs-de-lys counterchanged, that in base enfiling a ducal coronet argent.
Corwin Breemore Argent, a sword bendwise inverted sable, its blade entwined with a heather vine proper, between a raven's head erased close and another reversed, both sable, beaked gules.
Da'oud al-Dimashqi Per fess sable and vert, a fess between an increscent a decrescent and an oak leaf argent.
Da'oud al-Dimashqi Per chevron sable and vert, a chevron between a decrescent and an increscent and an oak leaf argent.
Daniel d'Aurelle Argent, a bend azure semy-de-lys argent between a rapier bendwise and a rapier bendwise inverted sable.
Darius Coligny Or, on a flame gules an increscent Or, a bordure sable.
Deirdre of Kerry Vert, a lion rampant Or, a bordure Or semy of shamrocks vert.
Diana Lee Ambree Argent, a sword inverted sable between four roses two and two azure.
Dietrich of Huntington Per pale gules and azure, an anchor and on a chief invected Or three seahorses erect gules.
Dietrich Schneewolf Vert, in bend three escarbuncles of six arms bendwise between two wolves statant argent.
Donella Chameleon Per pale argent and azure, two anoles tergiant palewise respectant vert and argent and an annulet counterchanged.
Dunkr Ormstunga Vert, a chevron Or goutty de sang between two mallets and a covered tankard argent.
Edmund de Port Ermine, on a saltire azure five crosses flory Or.
Edward Drakenfeld Per bend azure and gules, in bend sinister a blond mermaid proper, tailed and maintaining a trident bendwise, and in bend three mahi-mahi fish naiant to sinister Or.
Edward Winterbourne Per bend azure and vert, a boar's head couped close and three more in bend Or.
Einarr inn kristni Hakonsson Gules, on a pale indented Or a pallet sable.
Elisabeth Davies Azure, three lit Arabian lamps in pale, a tierce argent.
Elise de Champtoceaux Per pale azure and argent, a zule within a bordure counterchanged.
Elizabeth of Grey Castle Per bend gules and sable, a bend ermine between a lion rampant and three fleurs-de-lys Or.
Elizabeth Urswick Per bend sinister sable and vert, a bend sinister between two mullets argent.
Elyas Tigar Per chevron inverted gules and sable, a winged sword and three decrescents argent.
Elyne the Elder Per bend sinister purpure and Or, a tower Or and a rose purpure slipped vert a bordure counterchanged.
Enrique Matias de Rojas Quarterly gules and argent, in bend sinister two crosses fleury sable.
Eoin Maclullich Azure, a drakkar and in chief three mullets of four points argent.
Esabell Grant Or, a chevron inverted sable, overall a dragonfly gules.
Esther of One Thousand Eyes Argent, in pale two spoons in saltire and a cauldron sable, a base rayonny gules.
Ferelith MacDonald Vert, a horned sea-pegasus Or, a chief invected argent.
Fernando de Santiago Argent, a wolf's head erased ululant contourny sable, a bordure gules semy of towers argent.
Finn Einar Gilchrist Per fess vert and argent, a cross potent surmounted by an annulet argent and a boar's head erased gules.
Fionnghuala O Murrigane Azure, on a chevron between three swan's heads erased argent five roses gules barbed vert.
Frideger Leopo Sturmreiter Argent, two pegasi combattant azure.
Fritz der Klewer Or, on a bend sinister between two wolves rampant sable three Maltese crosses palewise Or.
Fritz Zapff Quarterly checky azure and argent and azure, a tankard and a bordure Or.
Gabriel Hawke the Gunsmith Per pale azure and argent, in fess a hawk displayed belled and jessed per pale argent and sable between two wheel-lock pistols palewise triggers to center argent and sable.
Geoffrey Cheriton Argent, a feather within a bordure embattled vert.
Geoffrey the Procrastinator Per pale argent and gules, a wyvern passant to sinister within a bordure counterchanged.
George Armstrang Argent, a bend sinister azure cotised vert, between a cross patoncy and a chevron inverted couped gules.
Germaine Jambert l'Innocente Sable, a fess argent scaly azure between a chest and a ring of keys argent.
Giliana Attewatyr Argent, a bend wavy azure between a tree eradicated proper and an otter statant sable.
Giovanni Orsini da Venezia Argent, two falcons respectant gules and a chief triangular azure.
Gomez de Santander Quarterly Or and gules, in saltire a rapier sable and a quill pen argent, a bordure embattled sable.
Gregory of Bec Per bend sinister Or and azure, in pale three annulets counterchanged.
Griffin Blackthorne of Bristol Sable, on a bend cotised argent between two suns Or an opinicus courant sable.
Grimolfr halftroll Gyronny arrondi of six gules and argent, on a bezant four delfs in cross sable.
Grimulf Thyrmodh Per chevron argent and sable, a wolf courant and a lightning bolt palewise counterchanged.
Gruffydd ap Idwallon Ermine, a keythong rampant contourny reguardant vert.
Guenivere Marian Coe Agent, a pale wavy vert between 2 ravens close sable
Gwenevere McAy Per pale argent and purpure, a wolf sable and a wolf argent combattant, on a base counterchanged a compass rose per pale argent and sable.
Haakon Haukarson Argent, a winged wolf passant, wings elevated and addorsed, on a chief triangular sable an aurochs skull argent.
Halla Brandsdottir Or, an eight-legged horse passant contourny within a bordure sable charged with dolphins naiant argent.
Hallerna Stjornukona Vert, in pale a demi-sun issuant from chief and an astrolabe argent.
Hannah Isobel Lowrie Argent, two domestic cats courant in annulo sable, an orle of ivy leaves conjoined vert.
Hauk Maclean Per bend sable and Or, a Latin cross fleury and a heart, a bordure counterchanged.
Helchen the Rogue of Capua Per bend embattled purpure and vert, a lyre argent and three triangles voided interlaced in bend Or.
Helena Handbasket Argent, a handbasket and a base rayonny gules.
Heloys de Bec Quarterly azure annulety argent and argent, a sea-lion contourny Or.
Hildegardis filia Vulframni Azure, a chevron argent charged with three roundels azure, a mount argent.
Ian the Strange Sable, a sickle argent.
Ibrahim al-Dimashqi Per chevron sable and argent, a decrescent and an increscent argent and six annulets interlaced in annulo purpure.
Iduna Snorradottir Plumetty purpure and argent, a sheep passant vert.
Isabeau Buchert Per bend purpure and argent, a tree eradicated and a lily counterchanged.
Isabeau Guion d'Anjou Per bend vert and purpure, a bend erminois between a hind salient and a compass star Or.
Isabeau Lia Rossedal Per chevron ploy
Iuliana Constanteanu Argent, a lavender sprig vert flowered purpure and in base a pellet, on a chief embattled sable a roundel between a decrescent and an increscent argent.
James Gislemar Azure, a dragon's head and neck couped contourny Or, breathing flames proper, within a bordure urdy Or.
James Newton de Stile Argent, a skunk rampant sable marked argent and on a base sable three columns argent.
James of Penmore Vair ancient, a sinister arm embowed, armored and gauntleted of chain mail sable, grasping a closed book gules.
Jamukha Batu Or, a bow and arrow nocked and drawn to sinister sable between in cross four crescents horns to center gules, a bordure sable bezanty.
Jehane de Saint Michael Per pale gules and argent, a bordure indented sable.
Jennet Moir de Brechin Per pale vert and azure, in pale a dragonfly and a thistle argent.
Jerilyn of Vert Silva Argent, a cross patty within an annulet sable, on a chief triangular vert a unicorn's horn inverted argent.
Jevan Berwyn Per chevron azure and sable, a chevron between two mullets of eight points and a bear's head erased contourny argent.
Johann Wolf Blut Counter-ermine, on a fess between three eagle's heads couped Or, a wolf courant contourny counter-ermine.
Johannet Renoux Per fess vert and sable, in fess three fleurs-de-lys argent.
John Gilson Vert, a sword bendwise sinister argent between two keys inverted wards to dexter Or.
John Richard de Holloway Or, a bend potenty azure between two eagles displayed, wings inverted, sable.
Joscelin Raye Azure, a gryphon passant and a bordure raguly argent.
Judith of Sherburn Or, a wyvern statant to sinister within a bordure dovetailed vert.
Juliana Fox MacNachtan Per fess rayonny gules and argent, a sword inverted winged at the blade and a fox passant counterchanged.
Juliana nic Lachlainn Per bend sable and gules, a thistle and a castle argent.
Julien de Nevelet Argent semy-de-lys, a fox sejant and a bordure dovetailed azure.
Jyllian of Bubb Azure, a cat sejant argent, within a loop of thread depending from the eyes of two needles, tips crossed in chief in saltire, Or, all within a bordure ermine.
Kano Hiroyoshi Sable, a roundel within a mullet of eight points voided and interlaced argent.
Karl Braden von Sobernheim Vert, on a bend doubly cotised argent a violin sable.
Katherine de l'Eau Vair, on a lozenge sable an otter sejant contourny guardant argent.
Katherine Wycliffe Azure, a chevron argent semy of musical notes sable between two talbots combatant and a domestic cat dormant guardant argent.
Katya in Raudhara reg. as Katla in Raudhara Per fess sable and Or, three crescents pendant and a natural panther passant counterchanged.
Keith of Kent Sable, on a cross voided Or a cartwheel argent.
Kelwin Ratslayer Azure, a panther rampant Or hurty and a bordure Or semy of rats passant feet to center azure.
Khynika of One Thousand Eyes Per bend sinister vert and azure, a bend sinister wavy between two tortoises argent.
Kian hrafn af Dyrnesi Per chevron throughout argent and vert, two ravens respectant sable and a reindeer's head erased argent, collared sable and chained Or.
Konrad von Krixen Paly bendy argent and vert, a double-headed eagle displayed and on a chief sable three chalices argent.
Landolf Witkowski Per fess vert and argent, a sprig of oak bendwise fructed Or, and a hunting horn with bell to sinister sable, garnished Or and stringed gules.
Leah de Spencer Per chevron inverted enhanced sable and gules, in chief a cross patonce argent, and in base a stag's head couped affront
Letitia des Montagnes Bleues Argent, a stemless Gentian blossom proper, in chevron enhanced five mullets azure. [Gentiana acaulis]
Loxley of Cote du Ciel Or, a wooden harrow proper and a cheif enarched azure.
Lucas Silvertre Azure, in pale three oak leaves bendwise sinister and a tierce indented argent.
Luveday de Salford Per chevron inverted Or and azure, a tree vert and three gouttes argent.
Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Per bend sinister counter-ermine and ermine, a compass rose Or and a pomegranate gules slipped and leaved vert.
Maire Bridgit ni Mhoire O'Meagher Per saltire vert and Or, a Celtic cross counterchanged, on a chief Or three trefoils slipped vert.
Malcolm MacNeill Or, a fox rampant gules, a bordure sable semy of musical notes Or.
Malcolm MacPherson Ermine, a unicorn rampant to sinister within a bordure invected gules.
Malcolm of Fife Azure, in pale two bagpipes argent within a bordure Or semy of acorns proper.
Malkin Allardson Argent, semy of swords inverted sable, a brooklime blossom azure within a bordure wavy vert.
Marcello li Donnici Vert, on a cross formy quadrate argent a compass star gules.
Marco dei Caprioli Per chevron barry azure and argent and vert, in base a Catherine's wheel Or.
Margaret Anne of Somerset Per chevron engrailed vert and Or, two roses Or and a goblet sable.
Margate verch Llywelyn Per bend sable and Or, two spiders counterchanged. Below is my poor computer rendition of it.
Marguerite fileresse de saie Azure, a fess wavy and in chief a rapier surmounted by two needles in saltire argent.
Marie Lorraine de Montclair Gules, a patriarchal cross fleury argent and an orle Or between three fleur-de-lys argent.
Marika NicLachlainne na Gunn Per bend sinister argent, goutt
Marten Claessen van Ruyssevelt Argent, a rod of Aesculapius proper, on a chief azure, a rapier fesswise argent.
Matilda of Stirling Per fess azure and gules, a demi-sun issuant from the line of division Or and a pair of wings conjoined in lure argent.
Matthias Gordon of Glen Devon Sable, in pale an equal-armed Celtic cross and a cauldron argent within an orle embattled on the outer edge Or.
Mauda McClain Sable, a chevron vert fimbriated and on a chief wavy argent three shamrocks vert.
Meraud des Belles Feuilles Vert, a bend argent, in pale three oak leaves counterchanged.
Merglin Fuchsyn Per pale azure and bendy argent and gules, a fox sejant Or.
Michael Gerard Curtememoire Potenty argent and sable, a pall gules.
Michael O'Brien Per pale sable and Or, an annulet voided counterchanged.
Michael Romark Or, on a pale gules between two torches sable enflamed gules, a lion rampant Or.
Michael the Loud Per pall inverted gules, azure and Or, in pale a lion passant guardant Or and a Celtic cross gules.
Michael the Lucky of Lancaster Sable, on a pale between two mullets of eight points elongated to base argent, a sword inverted gules.
Miles Stockton Azure, a vol and on a chief argent three pheons sable.
Miquel d'Orion Azure, on a pale gules three mullets of six points Or.
Moira of Cloonlara Or, on a cross nowy quadrate vert a horse passant Or.
Mor Lochlann Harte Counter-ermine, a winged stag rampant, wings elevated and addorsed, argent within a bordure ermine.
Morgan Blaidd Du Per chevron argent and sable, two pawprints and a wolf's head cabossed counterchanged.
Morgan d'Antioche Gyronny argent and gules, a winged heart, wings displayed inverted, sable.
Murdoch MacLennan Azure, a flamberge inverted argent issuant from a heart Or between flaunches argent each charged with a Latin cross flory gules.
Nathaniel Willoughby of Blackacre Azure, in pale three hedgehogs statant argent.
Niall Logan Per chevron dovetailed vert and Or, two bees respectant and a pine cone stem to chief proper.
Nicole Drake de Luna Azure, in pale a dragon segreant and a crescent argent.
Nikolai Ivanovich Sudovshchikov Sable, a bear's head couped and on a chief Or three bear's paw prints gules.
Orenge of Cheddar Azure, an owl and on a chief argent three closed books palewise purpure.
Owen y Bwa ap Howell Argent, six arrows inverted azure.
Owna ny Glasnie Per pale gules and ermine, two rams combattant counterchanged.
Penelope Highfield Argent, on a bend sinister between two tulips gules slipped and leaved vert five hearts palewise argent.
Petronilla of Argyll Purpure, three thistles in bend Or, a chief checky purpure and Or.
Rachel Ravenlock Per fess sable and argent, in pale a plate and a sprig of cherries gules slipped and leaved vert all within a bordure counterchanged.
Ralph Bigod of Hereford Argent, a lion rampant sable armed, orbed and langued gules.
Raoghnailt Marie Beatrix de la Barbe Per pale argent and azure, an ounce's face sable incensed proper within a bordure crusilly fleury counterchanged.
Rebecca Chadderton Per fess Or and argent, in pale three birds close in fess azure and three chevronels braced sable.
Reinmar Wolfmeier Quarterly gules and sable, a wolf's head erased and in chief four wolf's pawprints argent.
Renee Dominique Vittorio Azure, a pegasus passant with wings elevated and addorsed within a bordure Or plummety sable.
Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes Vert, a pale Or, overall a domestic cat passant gardant sable, grasping in its dexter forepaw a nosegay of scarlet pimpernels slipped and leaved proper. [Anagallis arvensis]
Richard of Annesley Argent, on a lozenge throughout gules, a brock's head cabossed argent marked sable, a bordure potenty sable.
Robert de Fletcher the Duelist Or, a fess embattled counter-embattled gules between two arrows inverted in saltire sable and a pine tree vert.
Robert de Spencer Gules, a bend azure billetty and fimbriated and forming part of a fret, in chief a crescent Or.
Robert de Spencer Gules, on a bend azure fimbriated forming part of a fret three fleurs-de-lys, in chief a crescent Or.
Robert le Raven MacLeod Or, a pile vert between two ravens addorsed reguardant sable.
Robert the Lost Per bend sinister azure and argent, a swan naiant to sinister argent and an oak tree proper.
Robert Wydville Azure, in pale two winged lions passant coward Or.
Roberto Damiano da Bologna Sable, a gauntlet aversant bendwise inverted Or maintaining a callalily slipped, leaved and seeded argent and on a chief Or an ermine reguardant sable.
Rochelle de la Mer Sable, on a fess wavy azure fimbriated a mermaid in her vanity argent.
Rowena Montgomery McMichie Per bend azure and argent, a bend counterchanged between a nude winged maiden argent and a rose proper, slipped and leaved vert.
Rycharde de Bruce the Fowler Gules, on a lozenge argent between four Maltese crosses Or a falcon rising wings addorsed sable.
Sabine od Vlatavy Per pale Or and azure, a swan statant, wings displayed and inverted, proper and in chief a decrescent and an increscent counterchanged.
Saige verch Laurens Or, a Bowen cross vert and on a chief purpure three fleurs-de-lys argent.
Sanada Mitsuhide Azure, six plates two two and two each charged with a delf azure.
Sarah bat Reuben Vert estencelly argent, a phoenix Or.
Sarah Thomasyn Argent, three tulips gules, slipped and leaved vert, in chief a butterfly volant bendwise, wings elevated and addorsed, azure.
Sati al-Isfahaniyya Purpure, in cross a butterfly between four crescents horns outward argent.
Savina des Gitanes Argent, two dogs combattant sable and a parrot displayed, a bordure azure.
Shanta de la Mar Counter-ermine, a bomb Or, enflamed proper, and a chief Or.
Shauna of Carrick Point Per chevron vert and argent, in pale a flute fesswise argent and a raven volant wings elevated and addorsed sable, and for augmentation, in fess point on a lozenge sable a sinister wing with a hand issuant maintaining a straight trumpet Or.
Sikman the Stout Per chevron inverted enhanced gules and sable, a pall wavy argent between three Thor's hammers Or.
Sine Fergusson of Kintyre Sable, a fess enarched Or and in base a bezant.
Sitric McConnaill Checky vert and Or, three chevronels sable.
Sorcha of Sherwood Purpure, semy-de-lys, a chevron and in base a swan naiant argent.
Stephan Schwartzwald Sable, in bend three plates, each charged with a compass star gules, all within a bordure Or, ermined gules.
Stephan Vuhs Per chevron inverted gules and sable, a chevron inverted Or and in chief a fox's mask argent.
Sumayya bint Suleiman Per chevron throughout purpure and gules, two crescents and an elephant statant argent.
Syanora Caminante Vert, in pale three wheels between two flaunches Or each charged with a raven displayed sable.
Symonne de Saint Maur des fossez Vert, on a fess Or between a castle and a crow rising argent, three fleurs-de-lys sable.
Tanglwyst de Holloway Per bend sinister argent and purpure, two lions couchant bendwise sinister heads to base within a bordure counterchanged.
Teresa de Cadiz Vert, a New World pineapple Or within an orle of pheons argent.
Theodora of Trebizond Sable, a chevron fracted and in base a Pierrot mask argent.
Thomas de Beaumont Per chevron purpure and vert, a chevron rompu and in base a sinister gauntlet grasping an artist's paintbrush bendwise argent.
Thomas Foxhall of Gravesend Lozengy argent and gules, on a chief sable an otter statant argent.
Thomas the Diminutive Quarterly Or and sable, a bend sinister argent between two natural panthers heads couped sable.
Thomas the Potter Per bend sinister rayonny sable masoned argent and gules masoned argent, a dragon's head couped at the shoulder, and a wine amphora argent.
Thorfinn the Just Per chevron argent and gules, two escallops and a tower counterchanged.
Thorgrimr White Raven Per bend sinister gules and sable, on a bend sinister bretessed between two ravens displayed heads respectant argent a mallet sable.
Tighearnan O Cinndeargain Or goutty de sang, a shamrock vert and a chief embattled sable.
Tilmann Gl Gules, in fess a dragon contourny and an apple Or.
Tireachan MacPherson Per bend sinister azure and gules, two sea-lions Or.
Tomas de Mallorca Sable, a hummingbird hovering and on a chief argent three axes contourny bendwise sinister sable hafted proper.
Tor von Butterberg Or, a Latin cross couped fretted with a delf voided gules, on a chief embattled vert, three harps argent.
Uggedei Mighan Nidun Gules, a lion contourny Or within a bordure Or semy of torteaux.
Ulfr Bonde Per a chevron inverted argent, sable and azure, on sable a wolf rampant supporting in its right paw overhead a quill and in its left paw a sword descending to dexter argent.
Ulric de Dalyhel Per chevron Or and lozengy sable and Or, in chief two lions combattant gules.
Ulrich von Grimme Per pale argent and sable, a double-headed eagle and in chief three Maltese crosses counterchanged.
Uluric Gilcrist Per bend purpure and Or, two thistles counterchanged.
Ursula de Strattone Per fess wavy vert and Or, two ramson flowers affronty argent seeded Or and a brown bear passant proper.
Valentina la Marcheande Gules, a brunette mermaid in her vanity proper and on a chief doubly enarched argent a decrescent sable.
Vanya Shakhmatnikov Checky sable and argent, a rose and in base three gouttes, a bordure embattled gules.
Varia Goffe Vair, a drakkar reversed and on a chief wavy sable a griffin statant reguardant tail nowed argent.
Veronique d'Arcy Purpure, in pale a fleur-de-lys and a bouquet of four columbines argent.
Victor Highgate Per fess azure and purpure, a castle tripled towered argent, with a portcullis gules, between three compass stars Or.
Victoria of Lochlann Azure, a rainbow proper, on a chief argent five gouttes de larmes and on a point pointed argent a goutte de larmes.
Vilhelm Silverhammer Per saltire sable and Or, in pale a mallet and a double-headed eagle argent.
Vivian Leonna d'Arcy Pean, a unicorn's head erased argent, on a chief Or three roses sable.
Vladimir Rurik Sheremetyev Per bend sinister sable and gules, a heart Or and a lion's head erased contourny argent.
Vladimir Vitalievich Volkov Per pale argent ermined purpure and purpure, an annulet Or.
Walter de Clare Per fess gules and sable, a fess of three lozenges ermine.
Wilhelm von Adlersheim Per bend sinister sable and gules, an eagle rising, wings elevated and inverted Or, a bordure erminois.
William Gallowglass Sable, in chief on a plate a satyr dancing and playing a flute proper, issuant from base a demi-sun Or.
William Kyle of the Wilderness Per bend vert and sable, a bend Or between an axe and an axe inverted reversed argent, all within a bordure Or.
William of Vielburgen Or, five compass stars in bend sinister sable between two scarpes azure and in dexter chief a compass star gules.
William the Sinister Argent, a sword inverted between two reremice displayed sable.
Yakoub Kadar Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron Or between two swans rousant respectant argent and a mullet of eight points Or.
Yelisveta Katlin Savrasova Vert, a scarpe between three chevronels braced and a horse courant to sinister argent, gorged with a coronet Or.
Ysabel la Serena de Lille Azure, a sun between three fleurs-de-lys and a bordure argent.