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April Crown Missive

Greetings unto the populace of Artemisia from Konrad and Kortland, King and Queen.

It is our hope that this missive reaches of you in good health. Spring is upon Artemisia and campaign season has begun.

We would like to thank Our Shire of Silver Keep and Lady Jane Fox for hosting Crown Tournament. We had a wonderful day and appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that went in to hosting this event. Heirs of Artemisia have been chosen, Duke Timmur Khan and Countess Sorscha of Sherwood.

We are proud to call them Our Prince and Princess and look forward to spending time with them as We travel throughout Artemisia.

We would like to thank all those who entered Crown Tournament. The integrity and chivalry of the list was high and We truly appreciate the competitors traveling to Our Shire of Silverkeep to attend. Vivat to all of the champions of Artemisia and their consorts! It was Our pleasure to recognize Duke Ibrahim as the newest bearer of the Shield of Chivalry. His Grace comports himself always in the manner of a knight and was gracious to all those he fought.

The coming months bring many exciting events to Our kingdom. We will be traveling to the lands of An Tir to witness their Crown Tournament and then Uprising will be upon us. We invite you all to attend Kingdom Champions weekend at the end of July and then on to Pennsic War the first week of August. If you have an interest in joining us in these travels then please contact Our Chamberlain Countess Clare and she will assist you with any information you might need.

It was Our pleasure to send Countess Clare on vigil at Crown Tournament. We have asked her to become a member of the Order of Laurel; she will stand vigil and will be elevated at Raptor War.

We would like to thank everyone who took such good care of us at Crown Tournament; We couldn’t do this without you.

For the Honor of Artemisia,

Konrad and Kortland

Crown Missive March

Greetings Artemisia from Konrad and Kortland, King and Queen,

It is our hope this missive finds you well and in good spirits as Our Kingdom transitions into Spring. Campaign season is upon us and We would urge you all to make your preparations early, as Uprising is soon to be here.
We would invite all Artemisians to travel with Us to the Eastern Kingdoms and attend the great Pennsic War. If you have never been to Pennsic, we would encourage you to go as this truly is the “Mecca” of the dream we all share. Baron Braden is the Artemisian Liason for Pennsic; so please direct any questions you might have towards him.
The Board of Directors has asked that We appoint an member of Artemisia to the Additional Peerage Exploratory Committee. We have chosen Sir Marcello da Donnici to act on Our behalf. We have no doubt that Sir Marcello has Artemisia’s best interest at heart and will represent Us in a honorable and chivalrous manner. Should you have any thoughts regarding the Additional Peerage proposal please seek Sir Marcello out and advise him of your thoughts and concerns.
Many, many, many thanks go out to Our retinue and Baron Braden for coordinating Our coronation and creating the vision we had. We thank all of the individuals that created Byzantine fashions for this event, you all looked truly splendid and We appreciate your hard work.
We look forward to attending Southern Collegium in Our Barony of Gryphon’s Lair and anticipate the artistry of this day cannot be matched in the known world.

For the honor of Artemisia,

Konrad & Kortland

Crown Tournament

In accordance with Kingdom Law, Letters of  Intent for Crown Tournament will be accepted until 14 days before Crown Tournament, which is Saturday, March 22nd, 2014.  All letters must be physically received by that  date –  it  is not  the  postmark  date. Copies  must  be sent  to Their Royal Majesties Konrad and KortlandHE Katya (Kingdom Seneschal) and Dame Meraud (Kingdom List Minister) . For it to be considered a complete set of paperwork, a letters of intent, entrant information forms for both fighter and consort , a copy of the fighter’s authorization card and proof of membership for both fighter and consort MUST be included.  Their Royal Majeseties, HE Katya and Dame Meraud have all indicated that they will accept electronic copies. If you send them electronically and do not receive a reply  stating they have been received,  please contact them to make sure they have  been received. All addresses are in the officer listings in the Kingdom Regnum.
Entrants Information Form for Crown Lists

Fundraiser for Kingdom Travel Fund

Greetings Artemisia- Their Royal Highness’ Konrad and Kortland would like to announce their upcoming Fundraiser for the Kingdom Travel Fund. Please follow the link for more information and a special thank you to HE Dunkr, HE Kelwin, HE Varia and the Pewter Casters of Artemisia for helping this idea develop. I look forward to posting more updates on this project as Coronation draws nigh.

Latest Updates to the Library

The following files have been updated in the Library under the Marshallate Handbooks section.

Missile Weapons Handbook – Combat Archery

Missile Weapons Handbook – Target Archery

Missile Weapons Handbook – Thrown Weapons

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