Welcome to the Artemisian Seneschalate

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Seneschallate Officers

Kingdom Seneschal
Baroness Katya in Raudhara, OP
(Katie Melander)
1212 S. Pinecrest Drive
Bozeman, MT 59715
Email: seneschal
Northern Regional
Maistreas Caointiarn
Calendar Deputy Seneschal
Duke Sir Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon
[All scheduling and conflict duties associated with the kingdom Calendar]
Clerk of Law (Emergency Deputy Seneschal)
Baroness Juliana Nic Lachlainn, OL, OP
Email: lawclerk
Southern Regional Deputy Seneschal
Maestro Don Azir de Lucero
[assisting with reporting and tracking for UT, ID, and the Front Range Groups (WY, and CO). He will also be helping coordinate such projects such as revising the Seneschal's Handbook]
Waiver Deputy
Baroness Juliana Nic Lachlainn, OL, OP
Email: waivers
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