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    • Tablut Posted on: Mar 14th, 2011

      Tablut is a Finnish tafl game. A tafl game is one where the sides are unequal (in size or strength). This is a variation of the Norse game…

    • Senet Posted on: Mar 14th, 2011

      Senet is an ancient two-player game dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. Its introduction in medieval European society is debated, but if it did…

    • The Royal Game of Ur Posted on: Mar 14th, 2011

      The Royal Game of Ur gets its name from two boardgames which were found in tombs by Sir Leonard Wooley, who was carrying out excavations in the…

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Youth Ministry Officers

Kingdom Youth Minister
Lady Michelle of Harris upon York
(Michelle Harris)
(801) 866-2351
Email: youthminister
Deputy Minister - Middle Region
Open for Bid
(ID, N. WY)
Deputy Minister - Northern Region
Open for Bid
Deputy Minister - Southern Region
(Open for Bid)
Youth Combat Marshal
Padruig McTavish
(Dr. Raymond Zentz)
(801)638-4115 (Please, no calls after 10pm)
Email: youth-combat
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